The Week in Bentos: December 13-17, 2010

by Wendy Copley on December 18, 2010

Phwew! The last week of school before break! Woooo hooo! I am so ready to take a break from the school day routine, particularly because we’ve been having some rough mornings around here. Can someone please tell me why my children are so resistant to putting on their shoes?? Anyone?


Big Kid Bento #400: December 13, 2010

Monday saw the return of the meat snowman in my first grader’s lunch box. Ahhhhh! Scary! He’s kind of grown on me though. Heh. I also packed garlicky Christmas trees cut out of whole wheat flat bread, clementine wedges and some cream cheese spritz Christmas trees.


Toddler Bento #77: December 14, 2010

Augie’s lunch on Tuesday was grapes, chopped tomato and hamburger “goop” served over noodles. Goop is a childhood favorite of my husband’s. Despite the exotic and appealing name, it’s basically just hamburger gravy served over mashed potatoes, noodles or rice. Being the vegetable dork that I am, I add carrots and peas to it too which he has been very gracious about considering that I’m messing up his Mom’s recipe. This batch didn’t come out the way I wanted and the gravy was very runny.

Wyatt also had noodles and goop in his lunch box, along with grapes and a dinner roll, but I forgot to take a picture!


Toddler Bento #78: December 15, 2010

On Wednesday, my two-year-old’s lunch had chopped turkey meatballs, peas, a rice ball, and grapes.

Wyatt had school lunch.


Big Kid Bento #401: December 16, 2010

Thursday’s lunch for the six-year-old was apple slices, pineapple chunks, a dinner roll and Star Wars ham sandwiches. The apples were dipped in the juice that the pineapple was packed in to keep them from turning brown and it worked really well. How do I know? The apples came home untouched.


On Friday morning, I did not feel like packing a lunch so Wyatt had school lunch again.

And now…

Schooooooooool’s out for Christmas!

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