The Week in Bentos: October 18-22, 2010

by Wendy Copley on October 22, 2010


First Grade Bento #371: October 18, 2010

On Monday, my 1st grader’s lunch was packed into an Easy Lunch Box. It held whole wheat pretzel sticks, edamame hummus (in the blue container), ham and cheese cracker stacks, carrots and ranch dip (in the red box) and strawberries. The ham and cheese were cut into autumnal shapes using these cutters from Wilton. The ghost pick is from a crazy cute Meri Meri Halloween cupcake set.


Two-Year-Old's Bento #60: October 19, 2010

On Tuesday, my toddler’s lunch had leftover roast chicken from dinner the night before, soycatash, grapes and cantaloupe chunks.

Six Year Old's Bento #372: October 19, 2010

Wyatt’s lunch and snacks were all packed together in the Laptop Lunch Box. I sent Scrabble Cheez-its (I found these at the regular old grocery store), pretzel sticks with a little ham wrapped around them, a dinner roll, leftover chicken, cantaloupe and grapes. The blue box held two Tootsie Rolls for a little treat.


Toddler Bento #61: October 20, 2010

On Wednesday, Augie’s lunch had leftover spaghetti with meat sauce (his day care provider heats it for him), peas, a dinner roll and cantaloupe chunks.

It was packed in our panda box:

Panda Bento Box

I think it’s incredibly cute when it had the bento belt on it! Doesn’t it look like the panda is wearing a headband? This box is from J-Box, but Amazon sells a similar one that’s just as cute.

1st Grade Bento #373: October 20, 2010

The first grader’s lunch was also spaghetti with meat sauce. I heated that and packed it into a Thermos, then slipped it into the OOTS Lunchbox, along with a dinner roll, Cheez-its and some cantaloupe.


First Grade Bento #374: October 21, 2010

Wyatt’s lunch had a hard boiled egg decorated to look like a ghost with food-safe markers, crackers, strawberries (the pick is another one of the Meri Meri ones), grape tomatoes, and two leftover hoisin chicken legs from dinner.

I wish I’d taken a photo of this lunch when it came home because Wyatt barely ate any of it. I think the strawberries and a few of the crackers were gone and that’s it! I dropped him off at school at 8:30 and picked him up from daycare at 5:15 and in that time he consumed less than 100 calories! No wonder he was Dr. Crankenstein when he got home!

Grown-up Bento #48: October 21, 2010

Bonus: Grown-up Lunch! I packed Zach’s lunch with leftovers yesterday too. He also had leftover hoisin chicken and sesame green beans from Wednesday’s dinner. Crackers, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, a mini Twix and a hard-boiled egg decorated to look like a ghost saying “Oooooooooh!” rounded out the meal.


A water main by our house broke last night and they shut the water off at around 10:00 pm. This morning, the water was still off (still is, actually)! I couldn’t wash my hands or any fruit or clean the counters even, so I decided to forget packing a lunch for Wyatt and let him have school lunch today. On the menu:

  • Choice of blueberry bagel with cream cheese, chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes or garden salad (I’m guessing he’ll pick the nuggets)
  • Chocolate animal snackers (whatever those are — probably some kind of cookie)
  • Pears
  • Chocolate milk

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