The Week in Bentos: September 27 – October 1, 2010

by Wendy Copley on October 1, 2010


First Grader Bento #360: September 27, 2010

On Monday, Wyatt’s lunch was: two small salami and cheese sandwiches cut with Star Wars cookie cutters, strawberries, pita crackers, carrot sticks and grapes. It was packed in the Laptop lunchbox.


Toddler Bento #53: September 28, 2010

I had leftover pasta in the fridge on Tuesday morning, so I made a quick pasta salad for my two-year-old’s lunch by tossing it with peas, mini pepperoni and a little oil and vinegar. I also packed soycatash and raspberries.

First Grader Bento #361: September 28, 2010

My 1st grader’s lunch was packed in an Easy Lunchbox. It had grapes, more Star Wars sandwiches, a honey stick “light saber” (thanks to Another Lunch for this brilliant idea — Wyatt was positively giddy when I showed him his lunch), the rest of the pasta salad that was in Augie’s lunch box and some raspberries.


Toddler Bento #54: September 29, 2010

Tuesday’s pasta salad was so successful that I made another batch for Wednesday’s lunches. That got packed into Augie’s lunch along with some chopped tomato from a friend’s garden, ham strips and more raspberries.

First Grader Bento #362: September 29, 2010

Wyatt got the pasta salad too, plus raspberries, tomato slices that probably will not get eaten, ham roll-ups and a blueberry mini bagel. Looking at this photo, I realize I probably should have put a divider between the bagel and the ham. Oh well.

Grown-Up Bento #46: September 29, 2010

BONUS: Adult lunch! I totally had my act together on Wednesday morning and I found myself with a few extra minutes before I needed to drop the kids off so I decided to pack my husband a quick lunch. He got a ham, turkey and cheddar sandwich, a cheese star because I think he’s a super star, grown up pasta salad with tomatoes, roasted peppers, artichokes and fresh mozzarella and some grapes.


On Thursday morning, I was exhausted, we were running late and I just didn’t feel like making a lunch so I told Wyatt he could get lunch from the cafeteria.

Yes, it’s true — I’m human!

The menu for this day was:

  • French Bread Cheese Pizza
  • Baby Carrots
  • Tostitos Chips
  • Fresh Apple

I also sent him with a snack of strawberries and grapes and a bottle of water for him to have at morning recess and his after school program.


1st Grade Bento #363: October 1, 21010

On Friday my first grader’s lunch was tortilla chips, salami, cheddar and catsup sandwiches, cantaloupe chunks and orange jello.

About that jello: We aren’t big jello eaters around here normally. It’s not that I have anything against jello — I just never think to make it and I’m cheap so it chaps my hide to buy those expensive little containers. I had half a packet left over from a recipe I used to make Wyatt’s birthday treats for school though, so I whipped it up really quickly while I was making dinner. In a moment of inspiration I poured some of the jello right into an Easy Lunchbox and put that in the fridge along with the big bowl with the rest of it. It came out perfectly and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited Wyatt was about it this morning. I even overheard him telling his friends about it in the line before school today.

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