Cookie Cutter Transformation!

by Wendy Copley on September 20, 2010

Batman Cookie Cutter Transformation

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you have probably figured out that my oldest boy is a Batman fanatic. He reads, plays, wears, sleeps and breathes Batman, but he doesn’t often get to eat Batman. With a bento-obsessed mom in the house, this is a problem not just for him, but for me too. The only solution: acquire a Batman cookie cutter for use in his bento boxes.

I did some web searching but I was unsatisfied with the options I found until I came across this beauty on Flickr. Someone had taken an old cookie cutter and transformed it into a Batman cutter with a pair of pliers. Brilliant!

I decided to give it a go!


I started off with a small angel cookie cutter that I’ve rarely — if ever — used. It’s from a Wilton mini Christmas cookie cutter set I picked up a few years ago. I chose this cutter because it was already in a sort of bat-like shape.

Here are the tools I used for this project:


The needle-nosed pliers were my primary tool, of course. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures as I was making the transformation, but basically, I just pinched and twisted the cutter with needle-nosed pliers until it was a reasonable representation of the Batman logo. (Sorry for the terrible phone-cam photo.)


Once I had a basic shape, I used the paint brushes and toothpick to fine tune the bends. I chose them for the widths of their handles — small, medium and large — and then inserted the round handles into the nooks and crannies and pinched the metal around them with the pliers to get smooth curves.

I was very careful to mimic what I was doing on the cutting edge of the cutter on the opposite blunt edge. This helped retain the structural integrity of the cutter and kept it from getting bent out of shape on one wing when I was working on the other.

The hammer was used at the very end of the process. It’s important that the cutting edge is basically even all the way across because otherwise when you use it to cut something, part of the shape will be cut perfectly, but the uneven part won’t be able to make contact with the cutting board so it won’t cut the food. I solved this problem by putting the cutter down on a cutting board, putting a smaller cutting board on top and then banging on it with the hammer until the cutter was even. Well, mostly even — I couldn’t get it perfect!

Here’s the finished cutter:

Batman Cookie Cutter

And here is some fruit leather I cut with it:


I have a very happy Batman-loving boy now! And his bento-packing mama is excited to make lots of Batman lunches!

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