Project 365 2010: Week 29

by Wendy Copley on September 16, 2010

It’s all Iowa this week, folks!


July 16, 2010: Wyatt and Grandpa check out a 3D game on the Lego website. My dad is a 3D aficionado — he takes 3D photographs and has even invented a stereoview format — so he has boxes of 3D glasses laying around the house.


July 17, 2010: Eating s’mores on the back patio wit the cousins and Grandpa.


July 18, 2010: Grandma and Augie check out Calvin and Hobbes together.


July 19, 2010: My Aunt Sue-Sue (who joined us later in the week along with my mom’s other sisters) blows some enormous bubbles.


July 20, 2010: Wyatt at the splash pad.


July 21, 2010: The boys play in my grandma’s enormous backyard with my Aunt Linda. This is the back 1/3 of her yard! Not a California yard, that’s for sure.


July 22, 2010: Playing at the playground in the park I grew up in. When I was a kid, there was a (real) old firetruck in the park for kids to climb on. It was apparently ruled too dangerous at some point after I left home and they replaced it with this vaguely firetruck shaped play structure.

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  • Yay for Iowa!
    I enjoy your blog, your photographs, your sense of humor.
    Thanks for the bento inspiration, too!

  • Kknowles3223

    The park in our neighborhood in Greenville, Mississippi had a real airplane!! And you could climb all over it, sit in one of the two seats, lay on the wings, etc…. It was too cool. No wonder you are such a neat person, your folks are great! 3D glasses beat bifocals any day!!

  • Nancy

    Bever Park is just not the same without the fire truck. 🙁 How dangerous could it be? We all lived through it! And that new play structure is just sort of sad in comparison.

  • Pdgoman

    Iove the picture of the kids eating s’mores! My almost four year eats hers raw just like Augie is!

  • Can I go to Iowa with you sometime? Looks super nice.

  • Nancy — The new structure is completely pathetic! I really can’t figure out what was wrong with that firetruck. Did it get rusty or something, maybe? Even if it did, why didn’t they put a new firetruck in? That was what made Bever the best freaking park in all of CR!
    Honestly, I can’t figure out why people are so hell-bent on eliminating fun playgrounds.I’m surprised children aren’t required to don helmets and padded suits before they climb on something any more.

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