August 2010 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on September 9, 2010

This was not a good month for accomplishing goals over all. I only checked three…er…two and a half…things off my goals list!


  • #20 Make a special birthday hat and get a special birthday plate. — Hmmm…OK. I sort of did part of this one. I bought a birthday cake hat for Augie’s birthday but he didn’t want to wear it. I still need to get a birthday plate. Unless paper plates count? No, probably not.
  • #51 Attend BlogHer 2010. — Done! Read about it here.
  • #53 Double Wendolonia’s blog traffic and subscriptions. — I’m always embarrassed to talk about setting goals for my blog on my blog, but I don’t feel like I should just ignore this item. I’ve been trucking along on this goal slowly but surely all year. I officially hit the numbers I was shooting for several months ago and I’ve stayed there, so I’m feeling confident that this one can be checked off.


  • #59 Go on more than one date with Zach. — We are going out next Tuesday for my birthday, so I’ll be half-way to this goal then. Kinda lame that it’s September and I haven’t been out alone with my husband even once…
  • #60 Go out to a grown up restaurant with another couple. — We’re going to try to go to that same meal with some friends.
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