Back to School, Back to Lunch: Kid-centric Food Blogs

by Wendy Copley on August 19, 2010

It’s back to school week here on Wendolonia! I’m going to be bringing you a new article focused on lunch-packing every day this week.

Today’s topic: Kid-centric Food Blogs!

Photo courtesy of Another Lunch

Another Lunch

Melissa from Another Lunch is one of my favorite bloggy buddies and her site always offers up something fun and inspirational. She puts together themed bentos and muffin tin lunches for her kiddos that are super-creative, but simple to execute (once she’s passed on her clever ideas).

Cooking with My Kid

Cooking with My Kid is one of those wonderful 365 projects — a mom cooks a new dish with her young son every day for a year. The dishes are usually pretty simple but they’re chosen to introduce her boy to new flavors and ingredients. She helpfully lists out which steps her son helped with for each recipe. The site is new to me, but I can’t wait to try some of them out with my kids.

Nurture Baby

Though Augie is well out of the baby food stage, I still check in with Nurture Baby from time to time for ideas for toddler-friendly dishes. I particularly liked the Bebe Bolognese — as did my boy — and I loved having small portions in the freezer to pop into his lunch box on day care days.

Meal Makeover Moms

I discovered the Meal Makeover Moms via their weekly podcast, but their website is a source of great family-friendly recipes too. The difference between these woman and many other food bloggers though is that they test the heck out of their original recipes before they release them out into the wild. As a result, every recipe of theirs that I’ve tried has been top-notch — and my kids have eaten (almost) all of them too!

Gourmet Mom on the Go

The Gourmet Mom on the Go isn’t a bento site per se, but it offers up some insanely cute serving ideas. A sandwich shaped like a lion with a grated carrot mane? How freaking cute is that? The recipe archive on this site is enormous, so no matter where your tastes lie, you’re bound to find something your family will enjoy.

Hungry for some more inspiration? Check out my list of favorite bento blogs!

What are your favorite blogs with ideas for feeding the kiddos?

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  • Great list of blogs (not that I need more blogs to read!). I'm a long way from school lunchboxes, but love all the ideas to make food more fun with my son.

  • Amanda

    here is a blog i like:

    whats for lunch at our house:

    love another lunch too!

    enjoying this series! thanks!

  • Kelly Polizzi

    Wendy, I am so loving your blog right now. I have always enjoyed it but the tips etc that you have been offering have been wonderful. Please continue to teach! lol I would love a list of your bento boxes and where you get them. I always look and think, wow, i wanna know what box that is (for example the bright orange roundish one in a previous post!) and have even gone looking for it but not been able to find it. You always make food look so yummy in them.

    I love anotherlunch also, shannon is awesome!

  • Jean

    I love your blog and your bentos. I check in almost everyday to see what new creations you have put up! I wanted to let you in on a blog about children nutrition that I stumbled upon while trying to figure out what foods I should feed my 1 year old everyday. I'm a new mom so any advice is always helpful. This blog is great for simple food ideas. Check it out!

  • Thanks so much for participating! Great references.

  • It’s not just a good summary but a really good headline. This is the first thing people will be attracted to.

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