June 2010 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on July 6, 2010

I’ve been plugging away at this year’s goals, slowly but surely. I’m half way through the year now, but with only 27 goals crossed off my list I’m no where near half-way through my project but I’m cool with that.

World's Biggest Granny Square!


  • #17 Learn to crochet. — I took a crochet class at a local yarn store, Article Pract, this month. It was a two-part class with sessions a week apart. In the first session, I was really slow at picking up single crochet and I didn’t get beyond that one stitch even though most everyone else in the class picked up half double crochet too. I practiced and practiced my single crochet all week and got pretty good at it. Then the day of the second class, Augie got really sick and I had to take him to an emergency doctor appointment (where he was diagnosed with pneumonia) so I missed the second session. What’s a girl to do? I didn’t get to learn double, half-double, increasing, decreasing, crocheting in the round — anything! I was so bummed out. A few days later, I was at Jo-Ann Fabric and I stumbled on a Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet. The whole first half of the book is a set of awesome, super-clear (and funny) directions on crochet basics and the second half is a bunch of patterns. The patterns are OK and I’ll probably try a few, but I bought it for the intro to crochet. I taught myself a bunch of the stitches from the instructions in the book and then I started my very first granny square. I liked how it came out so much, that I’ve decided to turn it into a gigantic granny square blanket like this one I saw on etsy last year. So there you go. I know how to crochet now! (Augie is fine now, btw.)
  • #48 Re-organize and purge my craft supplies. — I cleared off my horribly scary desk and reorganized a bunch of my craft supplies. I’m not completely done with this and there’s a bunch more I could do to make my crafty stuff work better, but it’s my goal list and I’ve decided that what I did was good enough to call this goal accomplished. Here’s what my desk looked like before — BRACE YOURSELF:


And here’s what it looked like afterwards:


OK, so I could have done a better job on this one, I’ll admit because my desk is still pretty scary, but it is much better.

  • #49 Re-organize and refresh bento supplies. — I sorted through my bento stash, disposed of the boxes that were broken or didn’t have all their pieces, added a couple new snack-sized boxes, and then put everything back in my big basket in an orderly fashion. 160
  • #71 Take some naps. — I caught multiple colds this month so I took a couple of naps — my first naps all year.

In progress:

  • #11 Assemble Project 365 scrapbook. — I’ve made a bunch of progress on this one in the past few weeks. I’ve been working on last year’s album and I’m well into the project now. I’ve put all the photos in the album and I have a system for the journaling so I’m hoping I can finish it up pretty soon now.


  • #37 Take my kids to Iowa in the warm months. — We’ve got the tickets and the boys and I will be heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s in just a few weeks! Zach has to work, so he can’t come with us. Boo. 🙁
  • #38 Take the kids swimming — We will definitely going swimming while we’re in Iowa. And if it warms up around here (it’s in the 50’s here today!!) we’ll be hitting our local pool too.
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