Project 365 2010: Week 22

by Wendy Copley on June 27, 2010


May 28, 2010: Augie got a haircut. Finally! I was getting so sick of that awful shaggy do he had going.


May 29, 2010: It was really hot around here and nothing puts me in the mood for a mojito more than a really hot day! I fixed them up for us in a couple of mason jars which makes them infinitely more refreshing!


May 30, 2010: Ahhhhh…now this was an especially fun day for our family! Wyatt’s uncle works at Pixar and we got to attend an early friends and family screening of Toy Story 3 on the Pixar campus. There are all sorts of cool things in the lobby of the main building including a fantastical life-sized Ken’s Dream House, giant Woody and Buzz statues made from Lego bricks, a giant chair and this cool action figure prop. The movie was amazing, of course, but if you’ve seen it you already know that. And yes, I sobbed at the end. As I heard someone say, “They made it 3D so your kids can’t see you bawling behind the glasses.”


May 31, 2010: Still stinkin’ hot, so the boys and I went to Toys R Us to get a swimming pool. (The one we had the last two summers cracked over the winter.) We opted for the fancy one with a built-in slide this time and it seemed a little on the small side until it was time to shove it into the back of the station wagon and the boys had to ride home with a swimming pool roof over their heads. When we got home, we filled it up and the boys spent the afternoon hanging out in it and squirting each other with the squirt guns.


June 1, 2010: Yay! Peaches! Plums! Nectarines!


June 2, 2010: Post-nap, August makes a nest using as many toys as he can find.


June 3, 2010: The boys were out back playing when Augie walked over to the hose, picked it up and started sucking on the end of it. I guess he was thirsty!

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  • siduri

    Oh my goodness, that last picture is TOO cute.

  • Knudsenla

    This is the best week ever! Augie's new haircut makes every wonderful part of his face even more wonderful. I'm hoping this means he is feeling better…it looks like he got to have a little fun this week with the pool anyway. You're very lucky to get to do the Toy Story preview. The Pixar stuff Wyatt and Augie get to play with be memories of a life time. How do you make a Mojito? That dude with the drink makes me thirsty!

  • I bawled at the end of TS3 too! It was SO good!

    And I used to love drinking out of the hose when I was younger LOL

  • Whitneymoss

    The last picture. It's a keeper.

  • Oh — you will like mojitos! They're made with mint, limes, rum, club soda and sugar. We use this recipe:… Very refreshing!

  • Me too! We liked to hold it straight up and down so it bubbled.

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