Some Crafty Projects I Want to Try

by Wendy Copley on June 9, 2010

For the last couple of days, my blog reader has been overflowing with some awesome craft and cooking projects I want to try.

Pie in a Jar — I’m completely smitten with the idea of pie in a jar. I love to bake, but having a whole pie around rarely works out well for me. Either I eat too much pie, or I practice excellent self-control and throw half a pie away. Either way, I end up feeling guilty. This recipe solves that problem. Also — CUTE!

Reversible Bucket Hat — I haven’t seen very many Betz White projects I don’t love but this one makes me want to drag out my sewing machine and my huge box of fabric right this second. I’m a sucker for a bucket hat.

Fabric Backed Dry Erase Board — Another easy way to use some of my fabric stash. Cute and functional!

Buckle Clipping Toy — I think Augie would be in heaven if I made him one of these! He loves anything mechanical or gadget-y and this is something that could keep him occupied for hours, especially if I added a couple of zippers to the mix.

Elsie Marley’s Boy Belt Tutorial — Have I mentioned how much I love the Elsie Marley blog before? Oh, I really do! Something about Meg’s aesthetic makes me swoon and I want to try practically every tutorial she posts. One I’ve been really wanting to knock out are these cool belts for boys. I even have all the materials — I just need to drag out my sewing machine and find some kid-free time to pull them together.

What projects have you been dying to try?

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  • Related: I've been eyeing this cake in a jar for months: . I really want to try it.

  • Mmmmm….Yes! Those look yummy too.

  • Pappy

    The boy belt wasn't what I thought it would be. I had visions of pouches, accessories, D-rings to hang your flash light from. You know, the spy/detective kit thingy.

  • Thanks for reminding me! I want to make one of those, too.

  • Awilli2747

    I want to try incorporating metal into fiber arts – like mini-quilts and book covers. I've been looking at the metal embellishments video from Interweave and it made me go out and buy a mini-torch. And I definitely want to do more felting projects. and the KnittingDaily blog have some cool felted purses. I also want to make this cute Grace Flower Tiles bag out of crocheted hexagons from Paton yarns.

  • Thanks for sharing! The pie in the jar is AWESOME! I'm totally making a fabric dry erase board and, I like the boys belts too!

  • I made pie in a jar a couple of years ago for Christmas presents for my local friends and they were a big hit. They weren't all pretty, but they sure tasted good:

  • Oooh! Torch! That sounds like fun.

  • That shrug is adorable. I wonder how bad it would be if I made one for my toddler and made him wear it. đŸ˜‰ I like the wallet too. That fabric she used is adorable.

  • I just skimmed your 2010 goals. I am dizzy. Holy crap, Wendy!
    And I am new to Elsie Marley (with the kid clothing challenge…did you do that? Have your done her Flickr home tour. Sigh…) and love it too!

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