Project 365 2010: Week 12

by Wendy Copley on May 11, 2010


March 19, 2010: The weather has started to warm up, so the boys and I have started taking short treks around our neighborhood. I have been using these trips as teaching opportunities. I’m trying to teach Augie not to throw rocks at cars and I’m trying to teach Wyatt not to trespass. Wyatt has suddenly decided that if there is a strip of cement leading into someone’s backyard (sidewalk, driveway, stepping stones, etc.), he is allowed to go back there to hang out. He’s also started going up on people’s porches to sit on their benches and porch swings and stuff! I thought this lesson had been fully absorbed back when he was three, but apparently he needs a refresher course.


March 20, 2010: First grilling session of the year. Bratwurst!


March 21, 2010: My lemon ginger marmalade — so delicious and now, almost all gone. I need to find some more surplus lemons so I can make another batch.


March 22, 2010: Augie plays with my keys while I load the cart up with our grocery bags at Trader Joes. As you can see, I forgot my reusable bags again. There is absolutely no excuse for this since we have 5 or 6 of them.


March 23, 2010: There was a backhoe parked on the street when Wyatt and I went to pick August up from daycare so we walked up the block to check it out before getting in the car. Wyatt was very impressed by the size of the wheels and asked me to take a picture of him by them to show his dad. Which I don’t think I ever did. Hey Zach! Look at the size of the wheels on this backhoe!


March 24, 2010: When did my little baby turn into such a bruiser? I can’t remember how he got that scrape on his face but the scab was there for what seemed like weeks and now he has a big scar.


March 25, 2010: Zach walked Wyatt over to morning care because Augie still hadn’t settled down to eat his breakfast by the time he needed to go. He had absolutely no interest in food on this particular morning, so I let him sit at the table instead of in his high chair in hopes of enticing him to eat a bit of his waffle.

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