Project 365 2010: Week 10

by Wendy Copley on April 27, 2010

Remember how I was working on this Project 365 thing and posting all the photos here? Oh yeah. It’s been awhile since I did that.

I’ve actually been taking my photos every day, but a few weeks ago I got really self-conscious about these blog posts and I started worrying that I was boring everyone to death with pictures of my kids. I decided to stop posting them, but then some lovely people left me comments asking me where they went, so I’ve decided to reinstate them.

When you last saw us, it was way back at the beginning of March….


March 5, 2010: Baby’s first sushi! Zach brought home take-out sushi for lunch and we gave Augie his first taste of California roll. He gobbled it right down and asked for more! Nice. Also, the sippy cup with the straw has miso soup in it. That was not such a big hit, though.


March 6, 2010: The fateful day when I spent seven hours making marmalade. This is the orange pulp and the skin. Pretty, isn’t it?


March 7, 2010: I love Wyatt’s crazy hair first thing in the morning.


March 8, 2010: The boys spend a great deal of their indoor time looking out the front door at the action (such as it is) on our street. From all the pictures I take of the kids staring longingly out this door and the living room window, you’d think that I never let them outside, but we play outside several hours per day when the weather is good. I think I just like to take pictures of them there because the light is so good.


March 9, 2010: I love this picture of me because I look like the nosy lady who spies on her neighbors. Which I am. I don’t remember what I was looking at here though.


March 10, 2010: I still love pictures of babies eating spaghetti — especially when they’re this cute.


March 11, 2010: My sister-in-law and I took the little ones to a local play cafe for a Mommy play date. At three weeks, my niece wasn’t up for climbing on the play structures, so Erin and I ate muffins and drank coffee while she napped and Augie played with toy. This was the first of what has become a standing weekly date for us.

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