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by Wendy Copley on March 23, 2010

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A few people have asked about the labels I used on my Lemon Ginger Marmalade, so I thought I’d share the graphic files I made for people to download and print. I’ve created orange, yellow and green labels to cover the full marmalade spectrum.

If you end up using these labels, I’d love to see what you do with them! Shoot me an email or leave me a comment below so I can send people over to your blog to see the labels in action!

Orange Marmalade Labels Lemon Marmalade Labels Lime Marmalade Labels


Orange Labels — Download JPG Download PDF
Lemon Labels — Download JPG Download PDF
Lime Labels — Download JPG Download PDF

To use these labels, you’ll need:

  • Self-adhesive paper or regular paper
  • Tape or a glue stick (if you use regular paper)
  • 2 inch diameter circle punch
  • Pen or a software application to write the name of your delicious citrusy stuff
  • Cans of preserves to stick the labels on

Here’s what you need to do:

Print the labels onto label paper. You can also use regular paper and glue the labels down, but the self-adhesive paper saves a little time. If you want a really nice, sharp image you can also print the labels onto photo paper (which is what I do).

Marmalade Labels

Your paper punch probably won’t be able to reach the image straight from the printer, so you should cut the paper to get access to the images. With my punch, I need a maximum of 1/8 inch between the edge of the paper and the design.

Marmalade Labels

Turn your paper punch so that the hole is facing up. This will allow you to see the image through the punch hole and you’ll know exactly where to punch. The punch I use is the X-Large Fiskars Circle Punch which I like because it’s squeeze handle is easy to use and it gives you a little more fine-grained control.

Marmalade Labels

Slide the paper into the punch and center the citrus slice inside the circle.

Marmalade Labels

The images are slightly larger than 2 inches to give you a bit of a buffer, so after you punch there will be a little bit of the image left behind.

Marmalade Labels

Write the name of your preserves on the labels. I’ve never actually made key lime marmalade, but doesn’t that sound good? Maybe some nice person reading this post will send me a recipe so I can make some. (hint! hint!)

Marmalade Labels

Peel off the adhesive backing.

Marmalade Labels

Fetch one of your jars of preserves. These labels will fit perfectly on a normal sized lid, but they work OK on wide-mouthed lids as well. My jar is empty because I didn’t have any filled jars and I needed something to use as an example. You will want to put these on jars that have already been processed, of course. I don’t think they’ll hold up through a hot water bath!

Marmalade Labels

Center your label on the jar and stick it down.

Marmalade Labels

Voila! You have cute and clearly labeled marmalade now!

Marmalade Labels

Want to make it fancier? Add the name of your preserves before you print the sheet. Open the file in your favorite graphics program. I’m used Photoshop Elements. Type the text you want to appear, centering it over one of the labels. I like the look of a more modern, sans serif type face with these labels. I’m using Avenir here but other nice choices might be: Arial, Helvetica or Trebuchet.


Add the text to all of the graphics, print, cut out, and apply to your preserves. Ooooooh, fancy!


Please feel free to download these labels for your personal projects. Everything on Wendolonia is made available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license.

Edited to add this: Coincidentally, my friend Shae posted about her technique for making canning labels at almost exactly the same time that I put this post up! If you aren’t so into the computer thing, I recommend you check out her crafty technique using ink and rubber stamps.

Check out some creative uses of these labels:

  • Lina at Fancy Frugal Life used these labels for a lemonade stand — probably the cutest lemonade stand I’ve ever seen!

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  • briana garrott

    so excited to print these!!! i am hosting a baby shower for my best friend. the baby's middle name will be clementine so i am using this baby orange color as my accent. these will perfect for my cupcake toppers. i will just add the baby's name to the center. thank you for sharing!!!

  • Martha

    These are really cool Wendy! Now could you make some with raspberries on them? (JK) That's what I tend to make as I have so many raspberry bushes in my garden. Now when I make other things the kids are like, “great, but where is the raspberry jam?”

  • Deb

    Love those labels! I have a die cutting machine, and I bet you could use that to get the circles on the inner column.

  • way to go wendy these look awesome!

    thanks for sharing

  • Yay! So glad you shared these!

  • ernestmiller
  • Great tutorial! You make me want to make marmalade.

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  • antonia74

    Thanks so much for these labels! I'm going to use them to seal our cake boxes here at Marmalade Cake Company. Couldn't be any more perfect, wow!

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    I live in UK , we cover our lids with fabric circles not labels. I need large3x2″ approx rectangular labels for fronts of jars. I am fund raising at my local hospice, where my father passed away this year. I`ve made loads of St Clements (orange & lemon) marmalade & a grape jelly. I have 12 jars to cover over existing jar fronts as old ones won`t soak off. Our church in Geneva also wants labels for their marmalade sales, for selling to ex pats.
    I`m hopeless with the pC but my hand drawn labels look awful. If you can help by end of nov 2010 please e;mail jackie at Thanks so much.

  • Maria Greece

    Maria Greece

    Thank you so much,
    so simple and beautiful for all the red yellow and green fruit!

  • Jillappenzeller

    i have a great recipe for Key Lime ice cream – would you like it?

  • Pattieuk

    where did you get the hole puncher please i live in the uk

  • I got mine at a local craft store, but it’s available on Amazon too. Good luck finding one!

  • I am fund raising at my local hospice, where my father passed away this
    year. I`ve made loads of St Clements (orange & lemon) marmalade
    & a grape jelly.

  •  Thank you for sharing your beautiful labels!  I used them today on cupcakes that I baked in a jar:  Upside-Down Key Lime Pie, Orange Chocolate and Strawberry Lemonade.  I’ll be serving them at a barbecue.  Kind regards, Danie B.

  • Thanks so much for the great search terms…Great help….all the best!

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  • Jennifer McClellan

    Thanks so much for sharing these printables!  I used the yellow ones on the invitations for my daughters lemonade stand birthday party.  I plan on using them for other decor for the party as well.  You can check out the invites I made here:

    Thanks so much!  They are awesome!

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  • Hi Wendy! I LOOOOOVED these labels so much and downloaded them and used them a million years ago and I actually typed text onto them… anyways, I’m a blogger too and I was going to share a tutorial for the scrub that I made and I was wondering if it would be okay if I shared the lemon ones that have my text on them (that basically say “Lemon Sugar Scrub”). I’d give you full credit and it’s actually going to be part of a series over at Two Girls Being Crafty. Please let me know what you think (crafting scientist at gmail dot com) – this is still a personal kind of project, definitely NOT for any profit, and I just want to share it because I used them and thought they looked wonderful! I’ll tell people to go here if they want blank ones… thank you so much again! 

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  • (I don’t know why my computer/Disqus just autocorrected, but that should be craftingscientist at gmail dot com, with crafting and scientist as one word. Sorry about that!)

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  • paddy

    Thank you so very much! I will make very good use of these on my Calamondin Marmalade.

  • Trisha Cooper

    Cute! I used as a tag for teacher’s gifts on individual sized “Simply the Best” Orange Juice. It said Simply the best teacher!! And then a personal thank you note from my son. I printed it on card stock and attached it to the bottle with ribbon:) Thanks!

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  • Wonni

    Wow, thank you so much for this great Printables <3

    Here you can find a post about your printables with a link to your Blog:

    Thank you for sharing <3

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  • Erinn Solares

    Would I be able to use these labels on items I sell on Etsy?

  • I’m sorry, but these are for personal use only. You can’t use them on items for sale.

  • Chelsea Martin

    These are fantastic. I’m doing lemonade wedding favors at my wedding in November. Would these fit on wide mouth half-pint jars? Love them.

  • Hi Chelsea — The labels will work on wide-mouth canning jars if you center them, but there will be a thin ring of silver from the lid showing around the edge of the label.

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