What Do You Wish You Were Doing Today?

by Wendy Copley on March 12, 2010


We all woke up crabby today. The grown-ups woke up crabby. The kids woke up crabby. It’s raining. There is a kitchen that needs cleaning, laundry that needs folding, and the kids expect to be fed for some reason. I decided I needed a little influx of pure fantasy to cheer myself up, so in no particular order, here’s what I wish I was doing today:

  • napping
  • finishing my book (The Butcher and the Vegetarian)
  • getting a massage
  • eating a donut (this fake donut — the only one in the house — isn’t cutting it)
  • napping with my kids
  • reading this book so I can learn about all the cool features on my new camera
  • picking a sun-warmed tomato off a plant in the backyard and eating for lunch
  • watching whales leap out of the ocean in Hawaii

What do you wish you were doing today? Brighten up my dreary Friday!

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  • Lisa G

    Raining here, too, wish I were:

    Making bentos and soup (maybe later)
    Watching movies with T (later)
    Working on finishing my book
    Working on screenplay
    Collecting cool recipes
    Going to Big Lots, or the Goodwill, or somewhere bargain-hunty
    Going to big up Wendy and Al from the airport! (soon, please)
    Going to the airport to join Wendy and Al on beach holiday
    Adding goals widget to website

  • lisa g

    Excellent donuts in Seattle!

  • Lisa G

    when u said 'finishing your book', I was sure you meant the one you're writing, and I couldn't understand why the author lady wasn't you.

  • megansandry

    Eating at a grown-up restaurant and drinking bloody marys.
    Watching live theater.
    Snuggling and reading in bed with my kiddos (or even alone.)
    Laying on a beach with a margarita, lots of sunshine, and baby powder white sand, with my lips all salty from snorkeling and my hair still dripping. Sorry…I got kind of lost there.
    And as long as we're really fantasizing, nursing a new tiny baby…but I don't have one. I don't want the sleep deprivation, the anxiety, the thirst, or the hormones though.
    Having sex.
    I hope your Friday brightens soon. As a working mama, I have the weekend to look forward to, but as a teacher (stay at home all summer) I understand that when you're home each day, a weekend isn't much of a break.

  • Hmmm, that donut does look good though.
    I wish I was crocheting, while watching a movie, on the couch, with a fire in the fireplace and a pot roast in the oven. I also wish a full bottle of wine was open beside me, along with a bowl full of gummy bears.
    Instead, I'll just sit here, eating my bagel on my lunch break.

  • shaeirving

    Working on my second or third way-too-weak Mai Tai at the funky old Molokai Hotel. But I'll be doing that at more or less this time tomorrow, so today I don't get to complain about having to drive around all damn day in the rain doing errands. Plus, I got my Taco Bell. Nice donut.

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