Project 365 2010: Week 9

by Wendy Copley on March 11, 2010


February 26, 2010: Augie checks out his first pineapple. He was doubtful about it until I cut it up and let him eat it and then he decided pineapples are a good thing.


February 27, 2010: Wyatt has been giving Augie tooth brushing lessons in the evenings.


February 28, 2010: Zach finally gets to meet his new niece. He was traveling for work when she came home from the hospital and then he caught a cold, so he had to wait a few weeks to see her.


March 1, 2010: Batman’s vehicles are at the ready in case a diabolical crime occurs in Gotham City!


March 2, 2010: Ah yes! My morning cup of tea. I bought this mug a few months ago and it makes me happy every time I drink from it.


March 3, 2010: Our messy living room.


March 4, 2010: Augie emptied all the blocks out of their box and settled in to play with a toy.

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