The Week in Bentos: March 1-5, 2010

by Wendy Copley on March 5, 2010


Kindergarten Snack #71: March 1, 2010

Monday’s snack box contained a buttermilk biscuit decorated with the Batman logo (I used food-safe markers). The monkey box has a little bit of strawberry jam to spread on the biscuit. I rounded it all out with some dried cranberries.


Kindergarten Bento #296: March 2, 2010

Tuesday’s lunch and snack were packed together in the big box. It had pineapple, cantaloupe, two mini blueberry muffins, chicken Italian sausage slices leftover from dinner on Monday night, and pepperoni pizza leftover from dinner on Sunday night.  I had to cut the pizza into strips to get it to fit in the box and Wyatt found that so bizarre that he wouldn’t eat them. Or maybe he doesn’t like cold pizza. I dunno.


Kindergarten Bento #297: March 3, 2010

On Wednesday, I packed a banana chunk, some grape tomatoes, a mini muffin, baked tofu and more pineapple. Those pineapples go a long way.

Kindergarten Snack #72: March 3, 2010

For snack, I sent cantaloupe chunks, another muffin, pretzel thins and a yogurt tube.


Kindergarten Bento #298: March 4, 2010

Thursday’s lunch/snack combo was packed into the laptop lunchbox. It contained: a half banana, pretzel thins, garlic toast cut into star shapes, salami, pita bite crackers, and peaches with sprinkles.

I usually make Wyatt’s lunches while I’m giving the kids breakfast, fixing my own breakfast, nagging Wyatt to put on his shoes, and all that other morning stuff. For the first time ever, I made this lunch from start to finish all in one shot and on a whim, I got out a stop watch and timed how long it took me to make it. The result: 12 minutes and 4 seconds. I had no idea what I was going to put in the box when I started the timer, so part of that time was spent staring into the refrigerator tapping my foot and trying to get inspired. It probably would have been more like 10 minutes if I’d planned a little better because at the end I had all the boxes filled except for the yellow one and I had to take the time to make the toast. If I’d thought of it sooner, I would have just popped the bread in the toaster oven at the beginning and cooked it while I was doing the rest of the lunch.

I’m curious: How long does it take you to pack a lunch for your kid?


Kindergarten Snack#73: March 5, 2010

On Monday, I discovered that biscuits are a perfect canvas for drawing with food markers so I couldn’t resist drawing a kitty face on another one for today’s snack. I also added a couple of orange wedges from Wyatt’s aunt and uncle’s tree. I love how this orange looks like a sparkly jewel.

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