February 2010 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on March 2, 2010

I had a great month for completing the goals on my big list! I knocked 6 items off my list and made progress on 3 more. Woooo! Here’s what I accomplished:


    Hedgie Von Hedgenstein

  • #19 Make a softie for my niece-to-be. I used this pattern from Betz White to make this cutie little hedgehog out of some of the many sweaters I’ve felted in the past couple of months. While I was putting him together, I started calling him by the name Hedgie von Hedgenstein. My favorite part is this little heart on his tummy:
  • Hedgie Von Hedgenstein

  • #21 Make at least 30 scrapbook layouts. — I participated in the Layout a Day Challenge that Lain Ehmann put on and I made 28 scrapbook layouts in 28 days! Phwew! That was hard. I already posted about my first 12 a few weeks ago. Here are the final 16 I made. (You can view a larger version of any of these by clicking the appropriate link below the mosaic.)
  • LOAD Mosaic (part 2)
    1. August, 2. I Bento, 3. Valentines Day 2009, 4. That Kind of Mom, 5. good bye, old friend, 6. The Bay Area Discovery Museum, 7. Jumpers!, 8. Life Lessons, 9. Sweet Little Evelyn, 10. puzzles and hot chocolate, 11. Good Eater, 12. Laundry Love, 13. the best toy ever?, 14. Augie at 18 months, 15. Breakfast Out, 16. Bean Dirt

  • #34 Sign up for a Mommy and Me type class with Augie. — I tried out a free Gymboree class with August this month to see if it was something he would like to do. He was completely terrified by it and it was crazy expensive so we decided not to go that route. I looked around a little more and found a baby gym class at the local Y. It was crowded and chaotic, but Augie seemed to really enjoy himself, so we are going to start attending semi-regularly. And at $5 per session vs. $17 per session at Gymboree, it fits a lot better in our budget.
  • #36 Take August to ride the steam trains. — I took both boys up to Tilden and we rode the steam trains. Yay!
  • #42 Buy a laundry hamper. — We haven’t had a laundry hamper since we moved into this house. I bought two so we can sort the laundry on the fly. If I had my preference, they would have had lids, but I couldn’t find anything I liked with lids, so I’m making do with these. In any case, it looks way nicer than a big mountain of clothes on the floor of our bedroom.
  • Before:

    Gigundo laundry heap


    Our beautiful new laundry hampers

  • #52 Buy an every day skirt. — I bought this skirt at Old Navy. It’s totally boring, but that’s sort of the point.

In Progress:

  • #3 Find five reliable, healthy, delicious soup recipes. — I’ve got one more soup recipe under my belt: Easy Sausage Tortellini Soup. I followed the recipe pretty closely, but instead of cabbage, I added in baby spinach at the end. This soup took about a half an hour to throw together and it was beyond delicious. For a recipe with so few ingredients, it had an  incredible depth of flavor.
  • #54 Find a babysitter. — I’m visiting some day cares this week to see if they’ll be a good match for Augie. Wish me luck!


  • #4 Learn to make pickles and/or marmalade. — My brother-in-law gifted me with a huge bag of oranges so I can try making marmalade. I consulted with my friend Shae who is a marmalade queen and she suggested that I pick up a copy of the Ball Book of Home Preserving which I have now acquired. I’m going to need to look the book over and get some equipment still, but I’m hoping to knock out some marmalade in the next couple of weeks.
  • #7 Make macarons. — I also got my copy of I Love Macarons in the mail this week, so I’m hoping to try a batch of those in March too.
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  • brookbaby

    I make jams, jellies and preserves every summer. It is soooo easy! Really don't be intimidated. If your dishwasher has a sanitize option it is even easier! The only really special extra tool I've really used is the wide mouth funnel-mark the inside with a permanent marker to your desired fill line. Have fun!

  • shaeirving

    If not a queen, I am at least a maniac. I agree with brookbaby. With the exception of my favorite Meyer Lemon marmalade, I've found marmalades to be easy and quite forgiving. But I have to say, in addition to my wide-mouth funnel, I also love my little magnet on a stick for fishing lids and rings out of hot water — probably because it's just so fun to use. (Your kids will probably figure out a few uses for it, as with the folding veggie steamer.) When I started, I got a simple canning kit at the hardware store that included everything I needed. Oh, and once again, way to go with the laundry!

  • Ooh. It's not very often that you see a hand-crafted stuffed animal — made in the USA.

  • Unfortunately, I wasn't paid a living wage to make it….

  • omg! I love that hedgehog. Also, you inspired me to buy some lap lunch boxes and now my husband and I are having fun packing bentos for our almost 3 yr old.

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