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by Wendy Copley on February 22, 2010

Wyatt’s was off school last week, so I haven’t been making him lunches. (Well, actually, I have been making him lunches — I just haven’t been packing them into bento boxes.) To keep the bento love flowing, I thought I would share some of my favorite places to visit for bento inspiration.

Lunch in a Box — This is the blog that started me on my bento hobby. Biggie doesn’t make super-arty bentos, but she does make attractive bentos quickly which made me think, “Hey, I could do that!”

Mr. Bento Flickr Group — My first bento box was the Mr. Bento set that my husband bought me for Christmas. I used to fill it dutifully every day to take to work with me and I would photograph my lunches and post them to this group. Since I got laid off, poor Mr. Bento has been collecting dust, but if I’m ever gainfully employed at a job that requires me to work on site again, I’ll be pulling him out and putting him to work again.

Sakurako Kitsa’s Flickr Stream — Sakurako Kitsa makes my absolute favorite art bentos. They’re whimsical and adorable and I pour over her photos trying to figure out what she used to make the various elements of each lunch.

Happy Little Bento — Sherimiya always has something fun and delicious-looking to share.

Adventures in Bentomaking — all of Pikko’s bentos are gorgeous, but her Lost bentos are my favorites.

Anna the Red’s Bento Factory — Anna the Red posts cool geeky bentos.

Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook — Susan posts fun, do-able bento boxes inspired by her book, Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook.

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  • brookbaby

    I look at most of those…I love bentos!

  • I follow most of these, but somehow I missed Adventures In Bentomaking. What a great site! Another of my favorites is .

  • Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!
    Drats. Guess I'll go eat some worms.

    Lunch in a Box is where it all began for me too. đŸ™‚

  • All pretty amazing, but I must say that your bentos seem the most “achievable”. I can't imagine where one finds the time to craft stars out of carrots and apply them to blood oranges with the rinds cut off – I'm lucky if I grab an apple on my way out the door.

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