The Week in Bentos: February 8-12, 2010

by Wendy Copley on February 12, 2010


I forgot to take a picture of Wyatt’s snack on Monday so you’ll have to use your imagination to visualize it. It was mini blueberry muffins and blueberries. Can you see it?


Kindergarten Bento #290

Tuesday’s lunch/snack was garlic toast, cut into a heart shape, carrot sticks, blueberries and clementine wedges, a mini blueberry muffin, craisins, ranch dressing for the carrots (in the little yellow box), skewers of pork tenderloin chunks, and pretzel sticks.


Kindergarten Bento #291

The main event in Wednesday’s lunch was a thermos filled with garlic butter noodles (not pictured). I packed an extra big snack box to supplement: two skewers of shrimp, blueberries, clementines and some graham crackers. I also threw a yogurt tube in the lunch box. Wyatt has been coveting these for a while because a lot of kids from school bring them, so when I saw some at Trader Joes, I picked up a box.


Kindergarten Bento #292

On Thrusday, I sent a WALL-E lunch. My attempt was kind of lame compared to some of the WALL-E bentos I’ve seen online, but I gave it my best shot. Really, the only thing that makes this a “WALL-E” bento is the hard-boiled egg decorated to look like Eve (I used food-safe markers). Oh, that and the banana with the word WALL-E written on it. I chose the banana to write on because it’s yellow like WALL-E. See how much thought I put into that choice? The rest of the box was packed with dried cranberries, graham crackers, clementine wedges, a whole wheat dinner roll, and cubes of ham.

The first time I saw an Eve egg was in Anna The Red’s famous WALL-E bento. If you’re not familiar with Anna the Red‘s bentos, you really must check them out. They feature fun subjects and are beautifully prepared. I was recently reminded of this excellent idea when I visited Fuzz Food and saw Mrs. Fuzz’s cute WALL-E bento. Both of these guys did a much nicer job with their WALL-E and Eve lunches than I did.


No photo of the snack today either because I was running around like crazy trying to get Wyatt’s valentines packed and nagging him to get his shoes on while I was packing his snack. Besides I ended up sending something¬† super-fast and easy: a banana and a yogurt tube. Not really photo-worthy.

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