Project 365 2010: Week 5

by Wendy Copley on February 6, 2010


January 29, 2010: We scored this awesome Lego construction book at the library on Thursday afternoon, so Wyatt spent some time with his Lego sets on Friday morning, using it for inspiration.


January 30, 2010: I broke out the waffle iron for the first time in years. It might even have been the first time I’ve made waffles since Wyatt was born! I used the quick waffle recipe from Mark Bittman’s, How to Cook Everything which was OK, but maybe a tad too egg-y for my tastes.

I like my waffles (and my pancakes and my french toast) with peanut butter and maple syrup on them. Weird, right? I started eating them this way when I was a little girl because that’s how my brother liked to eat them and I thought he was pretty cool. When we were in Iowa at Christmas time, I saw my niece eating her waffles with peanut butter and syrup and I was totally floored because I never see anyone doing this. Then I realized who her dad is. Duh.


January 31, 2010: Ah, a little Mythbusters before bed! We are huge Mythbusters fans. It’s one of the few shows that we all like to watch together. We do check to see what the myths are on each episode before letting Wyatt watch them because some are not appropriate for 5 year olds, but most of the time they’re OK. Zach and I like how it makes science exciting and fun and Wyatt just likes that it’s exciting and fun. He has no idea that the show is sneakily teaching him about the scientific method.


February 1, 2010: I got a big honkin’ order from Shutterfly in the mail. These are about 6 months worth of my Project 365 photos from last year. I kind of fell down on the job with printing them around May.


February 2, 2010: I like to go to the school playground for an hour or so after school to let Wyatt run off some energy. There are usually a few other Kindergartners there too, so he has someone to play with. This week was “spirit week” at school and Tuesday was “crazy costume day” so Wyatt of course wore his Batman outfit.


February 3, 2010: I took Augie to get his hair cut in the morning and he was so traumatized by it that I felt like I needed to cheer him up with a madeleine and  trip to the playground. There is a little fenced-in toddler playground a few blocks from the hair place with a giant sandbox and a couple of ride on toys and he had fun goofing around there for a bit.


February 4, 2010: Augie needed a bath and a change of clothes late in the afternoon and when Wyatt saw that I put him in his Batman shirt he immediately needed to change into his matching shirt too. Wyatt has been totally and completely obsessed with Batman and the idea of building a Bat Cave under our house this week. He started talking about it when I picked him up from school on Wednesday at 3:20 p.m. and he did not stop talking about it until he went to sleep at 8:30 that night. That’s right — I got to listen to him talk about his construction plans for FIVE HOURS. I’m all for encouraging creativity and all, but he would look at me every two sentences to gauge my reaction to his latest revelation and after awhile it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm even when you are being informed that the Bat Cave will have an elevator and a microwave in it. When he came into our room to wake me Thursday morning, the first thing he told me was that he’d figured out how to get the bulldozer and the digger into our back yard, so he needed me to give him the phone number of some builders to call them and tell them to come over to start work while he was at school.

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  • lisa g

    My grandmother used to make big batches of waffles and then toast them for days after with butter and sugar. Divine.

  • lisa g

    hey, let's meet up and stay in a hotel, like is on your list!

  • lisa g

    what's the book proposal for, dear? I have a publisher, you know.

  • brookbaby

    Mine has been telling me several times a day”You're Fired!” I just look at her and think “I wish…” Gotta love that 5yr old mind, right?

  • I eat waffles with peanut butter and syrup too! It's the only way I can eat them! As a kid it drove my parents crazy that I wouldn't eat waffles when we'd go out to eat breakfast, but no restaurant ever had peanut butter! LOL!
    No pancakes though, too squishy.

  • Liz

    Hi Wendy. I love waffles and peanut butter! No syrup for me, though. I have a fantastic recipe for whole wheat banana waffles if you want it. đŸ™‚

  • Allie

    My husband eats his pancakes and waffles with PB to! It so bad that the man refuses to eat them any other way and if we happen to be someplace that has pancakes with no PB we go and buy it. Seriously we used to cart around a jar of PB in the car just for this purpose….


  • polymathamy

    I like my waffles with peanut butter and honey, sandwich-style. Or just with peanut butter, for eating on-the-go.

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