Project 365 2010: Week 4

by Wendy Copley on February 2, 2010


January 22, 2010: Here is a view of the inside of our fridge. Some items of note: the Brita filter (which dominates our fridge and gets used and filled about 10 times a day), leftover Hungarian paprika soup (shockingly bland), eggs, eggbeaters, hippie bread, jello cups, chocolate mousse cups (not very good), raita and whole wheat pitas (awesome, delicious, Weight Watcher snack), a mixer bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough (awesome, delicious, non-Weight Watcher snack), cauliflower, snap peas, and more cauliflower.


January 23, 2010: Zach bought Wyatt a Lego Batman game on a whim a couple weekends ago. Wyatt loves it. He loves it so much that he’d be perfectly happy if that’s all he ever did, all day, every day. He’s only allowed to play on weekends though.


January 24, 2010: The contents of my purse:

  1. Peets coffee gift card
  2. CVS coupon
  3. Flip video camera
  4. Reward sticker from doctor’s office (I was very good)
  5. Pens and pencils
  6. Hair brush
  7. Ribbon lanyard for my keys that I’ve been looking for everywhere
  8. Listography date book
  9. Felt coffee sleeve
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Check book
  12. Weight Watchers booklet
  13. Bib
  14. Snack trap
  15. Wallet
  16. Costco coupon book
  17. Moo cards
  18. Eyeglasses cleaning/repair kit
  19. Lipstick
  20. Baby nail clippers
  21. Hand lotion
  22. Hand sanitizer #1
  23. Hand sanitizer #2
  24. M&Ms wrapper
  25. Weight Watchers materials
  26. My purse!


January 25, 2010: Our refrigerator door is home to all sorts of crap: menus, school papers, drawings, etc.


January 26, 2010: Our back yard is depressing in the winter. The grass is looking pretty good from all the rain though.


January 27, 2010: I’ve been plugging away at reorganizing my desk and craft supplies little by little. I picked up this shoe organizer at Target to hold my Cricut cartridges and my punches. I have to admit, I was kind of shocked to see how many Cricut cartridges I have! I think I might have a little problem…


January 28, 2010: Augie recently learned how to climb onto the rocking chair in the office and delights in getting up and making it rock.

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