January 2010 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on February 1, 2010

I thought I’d give monthly updates on the goals I’ve set for myself for 2010. I’m happy to report that I’ve completed several items on my list, started a few more and that I’ve laid the groundwork for some others.


  • #14 Finish my project 365 blog posts. Ta da! I wrapped up the year with my final post earlier this month.
  • #15 Finish the fingerless mitts I started before Christmas. I finished these blue arm warmers this month too.
  • #67 Start Weight Watchers again. I’m all signed up and I’ve been going to meetings but I’ll admit I’ve been lacking the motivation to really make the program work for me. Baby steps.

In Progress:

  • #3 Find five reliable, healthy, delicious soup recipes. I’ve tried several soup recipes this month, but I’ve only found one so far that I plan to make again. A White Chicken Chili recipe in a Prevention magazine Slow Cooker cookbook.
  • #11 Assemble Project 365 scrapbook. I’ve started working on my 2009 Project 365 scrapbook. I’ll post more on this later when I’m a little farther along.
  • #12 Do another photo-a-day project. Another one I’ve started — I’ve been posting my photos as in weekly posts again.
  • #19 Make a softie for my niece-to-be. My sister-in-law is due with her first baby in just two weeks! I’ve got a welcome home project under way and I’m hoping Erin can keep that baby inside long enough for me to finish it. (Sorry, Erin — I know you’re ready to burst, but I have just a leeetle more sewing to do….)
  • #29 Add five new foods to Wyatt’s eating repertoire. Big progress here! Wyatt has been very good about trying new foods in the past few months and he’s started enjoying a few new things if they’re prepared just right. So far he’s partially changed his mind about snap peas, ranch dressing and chicken! I’m not saying these are officially foods he’ll eat yet, but it’s a start.
  • #55 Find my copy of Wreck This Journal and wreck it. I found the book buried in a pile on my desk and I’ve done a few pages in it.


  • #21 Make at least 30 scrapbook layouts. I plan to make significant progress on this one in February! I signed up for Lain Ehmann’s Layout a Day Challenge (also referred to as “LOAD”) and while I’m not sure if I can actually make 28 layouts next month, I’m expecting to get quite a few done.
  • #25 Make some felt flower barrettes. I’m hoping to make one of these beautiful rose barrettes this month too.
  • # 39 Take Wyatt to the King Tut exhibit. We’re planning to do this the week of the 15th when Wyatt is off school.
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  • I've signed up for WW again, but am finding it hard to get motivated to actually keep track of my points. Sad…

  • *Exactly* my problem! I'm really good at getting my breakfast recorded and I sometimes get my lunch down, but I just fizzle out by dinner time. It's frustrating because if I record my points, I stay on plan and lose weight.

  • brookbaby

    for #3-the delicious soup recipe, check out the sweet potato soup on my blog, here's the address: http://brooksblogbaby.blogspot.com/2009/01/what
    I hope you try it-and like it. 😉

  • My favorite soup recipe (cock-a-leekie soup with potatoes and kielbasa) incorporates six tablespoons of butter. It makes about 11 cups of soup, so I guess that's about a tablespoon of butter per serving? Probably too much to count as particularly healthy, but I'd be glad to give you the recipe if you want it.

  • Allie

    Good job with your goals!! I need to make a list and start checking things off.

    Okay totally not related to this post but one below 🙂

    I noticed you use method dish washing liquid but do you also use method dishwasher stuff? I use just about everything else by them but I am scared to try this for some reason!


  • Allie — it's crazy that you asked that because Method sent me some of the dishwasher stuff to review. I'm going to post a full review later, but just as a quick response: It's great! I've never found a natural dishwasher soap that worked before and this one does.

  • Allie

    Great! Ill be looking forward to reading your review 🙂
    I am going to go out and get some!
    Dont you just love their pink grapefruit stuff?

  • Oh — this recipe for caldo verde (potato and sausage soup with kale or collard greens) is much healthier, especially because you can cut the olive oil down to 1 tablespoon if you cut out the step of drizzling the extra chorizo-infused oil onto the soup before serving. It's flavorful enough that it doesn't really need the extra oil. Plus it's a good way to use those winter greens.


  • lisa g

    Oh, and I love those purses! I had one, lost it.

  • lisa g

    oh, don't count points! http://www.prevention.com/health/weight-loss/fl… – u can get the book at barnes and noble, and they have online tools. it's totally the way I love to eat…

  • lisa g

    hey, have you checked out Prevention's fat belly diet? It makes a lot of sense, and the food is amazing… oh! I am going to buy T bento stuff for V-day. Such a good idea. Might get her to eat!

  • The first one I saw was yours and I was still pining for one a year later so Zach got it for me for Christmas. I've had it a year and it still looks brand new.

  • Yay! Bento! I know it makes a lot of kids eat more. Not necessarily mine though….

  • flat belly

    exersize is the healthiest way to diet.eating certain food could some time give some kind of side effection

  • Become a vegetarian client all your problems will be solved.vegetable is the easiest way to start building energy.

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