Project 365: Week 52

by Wendy Copley on January 24, 2010


December 24, 2009: Christmas Eve! Most of the extended family who were in town came over to my parents’ house for appetizers and conversation. We bought the boys matching jammies and had them put them on. Then Wyatt picked out a few of the prettiest cookies and filled a shot glass with milk for Santa and we wrestled the kids into bed.


December 25, 2009: I hardly took any pictures on Christmas day because I was spending the time enjoying myself, my kids and my family. These photos were of Augie investigating what Santa put in his stocking and of Wyatt opening one of his very favorite gifts from his grandparents. Merry Christmas!


December 26, 2009: We all gathered around the dining room table to work on our various “projects” while Augie took his nap. My mom and I goofed around on our laptops and shared a snack. Zach played with his iPhone. And my Dad and Wyatt worked on assembling Wyatt’s big Power Miner set that he got from Santa.


December 27, 2009: This was a really big day for us! Everyone on my Dad’s side of the family — four generations — gathered at my Grandma’s house for the day. (My Uncle Bill and cousin Emily’s family were the only ones who couldn’t make it.) We took about a million photos of everyone and this is the whole gang all together. The last time we got even close to this many of us together was over 10 years ago and none of the great-grandkids had been born yet.


December 28, 2009: One of the ways I know it’s Christmas is that I’m drinking a warm beverage out of one of my mom’s Christmas tree mugs. My brother and I bought her pieces of this set for Christmas every year over a 4 or 5 year period so she has a pretty good selection. She doesn’t bring all of it out every year, but these mugs always make an appearance.


December 29, 2009: My mom took Wyatt and his cousin to the park to go sledding and as they were leaving she called me so I could start making them hot chocolate. I always try to make hot chocolate from scratch because it’s sooooo much better than the instant kind. And see — they’re using the Christmas mugs!


December 30, 2009: My mom, Augie and I cut out for our annual post-Christmas shopping trip. We took a break after lunch in the family room at the mall and August rocked out playing with the toddler toys.


December 31, 2009: My parents had a New Year’s Eve party that involved drunken sledding down their driveway at 2 a.m. but I didn’t get any pictures of that (and technically it happened in 2010). So my photo of the day is of Wyatt drawing pictures in the ice and steam on their living room windows. Happy New Year!

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