Project 365: Week 51

by Wendy Copley on January 23, 2010


December 17, 2009: Putting the kids to bed all by myself is always a bit of a challenge and doing it every day for a week required quite a bit of strategy on my part. My basic strategy was to give the kids baths together, put on jammies and then set Wyatt up on the couch with some books to read while I nursed and rocked Augie. He was a really good cooperator through this whole process and every night I promised him that he could have a little special time playing Legos or Webkinz with me after Augie was asleep. Unfortunately, he fell asleep before Augie did almost every single night! (Well…technically that wasn’t unfortunate for me, but I did feel bad that he kept missing out on his treat.) On this night, when I came out to the living room, I found him tucked between the couch cushions. Awwww…


December 18, 2009: Wyatt is encourage to do a book report as part o his homework every week. A kindergarten book report requires that the kids write the name of the book, the author and draw a picture about the book. This week he chose Skippyjon Jones for his topic and I think that the likeness he drew is excellent.


December 19, 2009: Augie is obsessed with plugging and unplugging cords — a past time I find quite nerve-wracking because of the danger involved. When we rearranged our living room to put up the Christmas tree he suddenly had access to the sub-woofer which has a veritable bonanza of cords. I finally got tired to trying to keep him away from it and just unplugged it so he could go to town with it.


December 20, 2009: My happy boy!


December 21, 2009: This is a photo Zach took while he was on his trip: flaming sugar cubes over glasses of absinthe! Ooh la la!


December 22, 2009: Off to Iowa to see Grandma and Grandpa! We had to get up at 2:30 am to make our 6:00 am flight. The kids were great on the flights though — we couldn’t have asked for better behavior.


December 23, 2009: Wyatt was super excited to play in the snow this year and we tried to let him go out to play every day. On this first day, my mom and I returned from a trip to Target to find him playing out in the yard. Luckily, I’d bought him a pair of snow pants while we were there which turned out to be a good move as you can see by how wet his pants were.

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