The Week in Bentos: January 18-22, 2010

by Wendy Copley on January 22, 2010


No school on Monday because of the MLK day holiday!


Kindergarten Bento #281: January 19, 2010

Tuesday morning, I completely forgot to take a picture of Wyatt’s lunch! That doesn’t happen very often. We weren’t even in a big rush or anything. I snagged his lunchbox when he got home and managed to get a picture of it before he started snacking on it. Have I ever mentioned that he is strongly encouraged to eat anything he leaves in his lunch box as an after school snack? I always check to be sure it is still cold and safe to eat, of course.

Anyway, this lunch had: grapes, a whole wheat dinner roll (all gone), Pirate’s Booty, peaches with sprinkles (all gone), baked tofu (partly eaten), a slice of cheese (invisible behind the food divider), and dried cranberries.

I was shocked that the Pirate’s Booty was untouched and I asked Wyatt why he didn’t eat it. It turns out that the teachers at the club house (day care) wouldn’t let him eat it until he ate his “growing food”. This was super-annoying to me because:

a.) I specifically packed it so he could eat it at snack time and told him about it, so he was disappointed that he didn’t get to eat it.

b.) Everything I pack in Wyatt’s lunch box is nutritious and meant to be eaten at any point in the day. If the bulk of his lunch and snacks for the day are whole grains, fruits, and lean proteins it’s not going to kill him if he eats 100 calories worth of Pirate’s Booty before he eats the other stuff.  It’s not like his whole lunch is full of potato chips and candy bars. And I also know that he’ll eat everything if he’s hungry enough.

c.) I feel like I’m pretty stingy with the treats most of the time, so if I’ve got something a little less healthy in there now and then the kid should get to eat it.

d.) Finally, I’m his mom and I make the decisions about what he is and isn’t allowed to eat. If I put it in his lunch box, it obviously has my seal of approval.


Kindergarten Bento #282: January 20, 2010

Lunch on Wednesday was a whole wheat dinner roll, peaches with sprinkles, a chicken apple sausage and a little bit of catsup (in the yellow box).

Kindergarten Snack #60: January 20, 2010

His snack box had graham crackers and a half banana in it.


Kindergarten Bento #283: January 21, 2010

When I went to pack Wyatt’s lunch on Thursday it felt like we were out of everything but somehow I managed to put this lunch together. I sent garlic toast (made with the last slice of bread) grapes, and four slices of salami.

Kindergarten Snack #61: January 21, 2010

I packed two boxes with snacky stuff. The photo above shows the Pirate’s Booty — which they let him eat this time. I also packed another box with a half banana and some pretzel sticks and I forgot to take a stinkin’ picture of it. I’m sure you can use your imaginations on that though.


Kindergarten Snack #62: January 22, 2010

Trader Joe’s had big boxes of fresh blueberries when I went to the store this week, and after weeks and weeks of bananas and clementines, I was powerless to resist the call of the sweet little blue fellas. So this snack box had a nice little cup of berries and two mini blueberry muffins. Of course I had to pack it in a blue box.

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