Crafty Shenanigans!

by Wendy Copley on January 20, 2010

I’ve been up to some crafty shenanigans over the past couple months and I realized the other day that I haven’t shared any of my projects with my faithful bloggy friends.

Wanna see? Sure you do!

Wrist Warmers

First up: wrist warmers!

Back in November the Craft blog had a Loom Along where the participants made a set of wrist warmers. A who in the what now? The lovely Vickie Howell came up with a pattern for some wrist warmers that could be made on a small knitting loom. Readers were invited to “loom along” and share photos of their finished projects with a chance to win fabulous prizes. The project was cute and easy so I decided to play along. This is the first pair I made:

Completed arm warmer!

They are garish and crazy and I love them! Peace out!

Completed arm warmer on my hand.

When Wyatt saw me making them, he wanted a pair for himself. I modified the pattern a bit so they would fit him better. I started off by knitting the bottom part until it was 5 1/2 inches long. Then I knit 4 rows for the thumb hole. And for the last bit, I only knit another inch. He likes to wear them when he plays Batman sometimes. Maybe because they look like gauntlets a little bit?

kiddy arm warmers

nullOK, so here’s the crazy part: I won  a prize for the wrist warmers I made Wyatt! No kidding!!

I was pretty surprised, to be honest. I am only a very beginner knitter and I can’t do much beyond a garter or stockinette stitch. I can sometimes manage a rib stitch, but I usually mess it up by purling when I mean to knit at some point (or vice versa). So honestly, I think that it was a random drawing, though the contest rules didn’t state that specifically.

In any case, the prize I won was a book called Knit Aid by Vickie Howell. It’s a portable guide to knitting basics and I’ve already used it on this next project which is….wait for it…more wrist warmers!

More arm-warmers

OK, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve gone a little crazy for the wrist warmers. I like the loomed warmers, but all things considered, I would have preferred the knit to be a little denser, so I decided to try to make a pair on regular knitting needles. I just knit a flat panel and then sewed up the sides leaving a hole for my thumb. I also added some ribbing at the top and bottom. It turns out that I made them a little too wide because they kind of flop around on my hands a bit but they’re fine for watching tv or for when I’m out for a walk. I also think they’re pretty good for having just made up the pattern with an educated guess. If I make another pair, I’ll adjust the gauge a bit, but I think I might be done with the arm warmers for awhile. Really, how many pairs of arm warmers does a girl need?

more arm-warmers

Incidentally, finishing this set of wrist warmers was on my list of goals for 2010, so I get to cross that off. Wooooo!

Felt Food

OK, so after wrist warmers, my obsessive craft tendencies switched to felt. I decided that I wanted to give Augie a bunch of felt food for Christmas, so I bought some fantastically gorgeous wool felt from Purl Soho and went to town.

I started off with a chicken drumstick (inspired by this tutorial), which might just be my favorite of all of these:


I also made a fried egg and a couple of pieces of bacon. The bacon pieces have a pipe cleaner running down the middle of them so you can make them all crinkly. These were made using the tutorial at Wee Folk Art.

Eggs and  bacon

Then I decided he needed a donut for breakfast. Vanilla with chocolate frosting and lots of hand embroidered sprinkles. (I used this excellent tutorial.)


It makes for quite the heart healthy breakfast.

Delicious felt breakfast

Other Felt Stuff

I’ve been following Betz White’s blog for awhile and you really only need to read it for about 5 minutes before you start getting the itch to felt some thrifted sweaters. After a short while, I couldn’t resist any more, so I went over to my favorite thrift shop (Thrift Town, yay!) and collected about $10 worth of wool sweaters. At home, I washed them in an extra-hot washing machine and machine dried them and they all shrank up to about half their original sizes.

The first project I made with my new felt was an apple ornament for Wyatt’s kindergarten teacher.

An apple for my teacher

I used the sleeves of the felted sweaters to make these coffee holders. Coffee jackets? Coffee sleeves? What in the heck of the world do you call those things, anyway? Those things that slip onto paper coffee cups so your fingerprints don’t burn off. But they’re made of reusable felt instead of cardboard, so they’re more environmentally friendly and a whole heckuva lot cuter!

These babies couldn’t be simpler. You just cut off a chunk of the sleeve that’s about the right diameter, clean the edges up and you’re all set. Where you cut the sleeve will depend a bit on the sweater you’re using. Some will shrink up a lot more than others. On this one below I used the very bottom of the sleeve, but if your sweater was really tiny after felting you might need to cut the ring up near the elbow. You can just use them as is, of course, but I felt (Ha ha! Get it?) the need to cute them up a bit, so I added decorations.

This little cutie is for my husband who loves aliens. I cut the head out of wool felt, embroidered the face and then quickly stitched it onto the sleeve.

Alien coffee sleeve thingy

This one is for me. The flower is also made out of felt (surprise!) and the idea comes from this tutorial on A Hoot and a Holler. Hecka sweet, huh?

Flower coffee sleeve thingy

What are you working on? Any fun stuff to share?

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