The Week in Bentos: January 11-15, 2010

by Wendy Copley on January 15, 2010


Kindergarten Snack #57

Monday Wyatt didn’t eat much lunch before school, so I packed him a fairly big snack. It had salami, a clementine and some cheesy crackers. I packed it in one of the new snack boxes:

Kindergarten Snack #57a

This box is kind of plain, but I really like how you can see through it. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.


Kindergarten Bento #278

I had a heck of a time getting Wyatt’s lunch together on time on Tuesday. We woke up late (7:30 — woo hoo!) and then I couldn’t find Wyatt’s thermos which was a problem because I had planned to give him spaghetti with butter and garlic for lunch. Augie likes to get into the cupboard with the lunch supplies in it and carry them all over the house. I found the thermos lid under Wyatt’s bed, but I couldn’t (and still haven’t) found the jar part anywhere. I have a really bad feeling it was thrown in the garbage and is now clogging a landfill. But I digress….

I was really depending on the spaghetti for the bulk of Tuesday’s lunch and try as I might, I couldn’t dig up anything else substantial so I packed it anyway and hoped he’d eat it cold. That was wishful thinking, of course. I also packed clementine wedges, graham crackers and some salami and I tucked a small carton of yogurt right into his lunch box.

Kindergarten Bento #278a

When I cleaned out the lunch box that night, this is what I found. Wyatt opened the yogurt, took one bite and then put it back in his lunch box where it goo-ed everything up. Yuck! Do you guys find this kind of stuff in your kid’s boxes?  I can’t be alone on this one.


Kindergarten Bento #279

Wednesday’s lunch was a clementine, grape tomatoes, baked tofu cut into teddy bear shapes and decorated with food-safe markers and a slice of plain, white bread.

Kindergarten Snack #58

I packed graham crackers and Pirate’s Booty for the snack. The graham crackers wouldn’t fit in the container I picked, and I had to break off the corners to get them in box. I told Wyatt they were special Battlestar Galactica crackers, but I don’t think he got the joke.


Kindergarten Bento #280

Thursday was laptop lunchbox day. I packed Pirates booty, dried cranberries, a maple caramel that Zach brought back from his recent trip to Montreal, clementine wedges decorated with a piece of fruit leather that I cut into a bear shape, some American cheese that I cut into strips, whole wheat garlic pita wedges and some chopped chicken leftover from dinner the night before. I was very proud of Wyatt because he asked me to put the chicken, pita and cheese in this lunch — all three foods that he not only tried, but admitted that he enjoyed this week. The chicken is HUGE because he’s been saying he hates chicken for two years now.


Kindergarten Snack #59

Friday’s snack was salami and clementines again. It was packed in another new snack box, this one procured from the dollar bin at Target:

Kindergarten Snack #59a

In other lunch-related news:

I came across a very interesting link today that I thought my fellow lunch-obsessed parents might be interested in:

Fed Up: School Lunch Project

This brave teacher is eating a school lunch every day in 2010 and recording the experience. It’s fascinating and horrifying to see the meals she is served. When will the people in this country value children — all children — enough to spend the money to fill their tummies with healthy and delicious food? For so many children, school lunch is the biggest and most nutritious meal they are served all day. For far too many it is the only meal they eat. I do appreciate that the school lunch programs are doing the best they can with the money and resources they have to work with — it’s nice to see that this school sometimes serves fresh fruit and whole wheat bread — but with just a little more funding and/or the willingness to try some of the more innovative programs that have been popping up, I wonder what they could do for these kids.

OK — I’ll hop off my soapbox now.

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