Project 365: Week 49

by Wendy Copley on January 14, 2010


December 3, 2009: Wyatt drank hot chocolate from a Santa cup while he did his homework after school. He had to make room at the table amongst the Christmas decorations and craft supplies for the different projects I was working on.


December 4, 2009: Poor Zach! Wyatt insisted he read a video game catalog for bedtime stories.


December 5, 2009: Zach took the boys out for the day and I embarked on an epic toy purge and reorganization project. It took me something like 4 or 5 hours to get it done, but the boys’ room was so nice and clean afterwards that it was totally worth it.


December 6, 2009: And here is the room all organized the next day. The kids were extremely excited to play in their room.


December 7, 2009: This is one of the two advent calendars we had this year. I got this Playmobil set years and years ago when I was still single. It’s been in storage for quite a while, but I decided Wyatt was old enough for it this year. He loved it and would run straight to it to open each day’s box first thing in the morning.


December 8, 2009: Woot! I met up with Lisa from Help a Mother Out as SadieDey’s Cafe to deliver the diapers from the diaper drive. It was really fun to meet her and talk to her about how her organization came to be.


December 9, 2009: Little Augie looked out the front window at the rain.

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