Project 365: Week 48

by Wendy Copley on January 13, 2010


November 25, 2009: Ta da! New hair!


November 26, 2009:  The boys rousted Daddy up out of bed by jumping all over him. It’s quite an effective alarm clock.


November 27, 2009: Here’s our little climber in action. He so obsessed with climbing onto the kitchen table that we have to move the chairs into the closet in the back hallway when he’s in there.


November 28, 2009: I printed out this R2D2 mask and added some string to it so Wyatt could wear it.


November 29, 2009: Christmas preparations officially begin with our first session of cookie baking. We started out with a double batch of cream cheese spritz cookies.


November 30, 2009: Ha ha! Augie was the victim of some static electricity when he was tooling around in his cozy coupe.


December 1, 2009: Another high chair photo! But wait — there’s a story behind this one! See those bananas on the counter behind Augie? Well, one morning while I was starting breakfast he managed to pull one off the counter. I figured there was no harm in letting him walk around with it for a few minutes while I made a cup of tea, but after just a few seconds, I looked over at him and he had gnawed a chunk of the peel off and was sucking out the mushy banana inside. I wrestled it away from him and then peeled it and gave him a half banana. Up to that point, I’d been chopping his bananas up for him. He did so well with the half banana that I started trying all sorts of bigger chunks of food on him. Augie was so late getting his teeth that chopping all his food was an ingrained habit, but now that he has some chompers we’re both liking how much less time it takes to make his food.


December 2, 2009: Decorating the Christmas tree! The boys had a great time checking out the ornaments, untangling lights, and sticking everything in their mouths. (OK — maybe it was just Augie who stuck everything in his mouth.)

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