Project 365: Week 47

by Wendy Copley on January 12, 2010


November 19, 2009: I made a big batch of breakfast burritos to put in the freezer for easier morning. They were chock full of eggs, ham, potatoes and jack cheese and super yummy.


November 20, 2009: And then today I made a Better Than Sex Cake as part of the Cakes of My Youth series for this very blog you’re reading right now. Crazy, caramely, sugary over-load.


November 21, 2009: Ah yes — look how clean and lovely the boys’ room is. I like how they carefully piled everything in a big heap so I could walk through there.


November 22, 2009: A big pile of craft supplies at the wreath-making party the Rookie Moms threw for Safety at Home.


November 23, 2009: Wyatt cleared all the stuff off the bottom shelf of the lazy susan in our kitchen and crawled inside. This first time he did this, I thought it was cute. The 27 times he’s done it since then have started to grate on my nerves.


November 24, 2009: In line for groceries at Lucky. I’m not exactly sure why I took this photo, but it was the only one I had for this particular day.


November 25, 2009: Ah, yes — my basket of bento boxes! This sits on the top shelf of the lazy susan Wyatt climbed into earlier in the week. It was extremely well-organized for a few months, but once Augie started to walk, he targeted this shelf and this basket in particular as the object of his investigative curiosity. I can’t really blame him, of course — the boxes are quite pretty and very interesting with all of their colors and parts. He likes to pick up various pieces of my boxes, carry them around the house and deposit them in unexpected places, so I’m constantly finding bento box lids peeking out from below my bed side table or in the bathtub. It makes lunch prep a wee bit more challenging in the mornings.

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