Project 365: Week 45

by Wendy Copley on December 28, 2009

Oh hey! Did you remember that I was doing this Project 365 thing? I’ve been taking the pictures pretty faithfully, but I’m just a leeetle behind on posting them (only 8 weeks or so).

Little known fact: it’s often really hard to remember what was going on in a photo 8 weeks after you took it. I’m going to do my best to recall the significance (or lack thereof) of these photos, but I’m not sure I’ll get it right.


November 5, 2009: I read about this nifty trick for giving Augie applesauce without making a humongous mess on Parent Hacks: have him drink it with a straw. Utter genius and he thinks it’s fun.


November 6, 2009: I upcycled a couple of shirts for Wyatt using this Betz White tutorial.  I already blogged about it, but frankly, there wasn’t much that happened in my life in November that I didn’t blog about so you’re going to see some repeats, in this very post even.


November 7, 2009: Hooray! Hooray! We finally got a new battery for our camera! It was so nice to have it back and working properly again.


November 8, 2009: Wyatt takes a break from playing Mama Kitty, Big Brother Kitty and Baby Kitty with me and Augie.


November 9, 2009: Scrubbing the muck off the baby.


November 10, 2009: You can’t name one of your children “Wyatt” without accumulating a certain quantity of cowboy paraphernalia. Augie is old enough now to experience the joy of riding the rocking horse and wearing the baby cowboy hat.


November 11, 2009: This was the day I baked the Watergate cake that my family always made when I was a kid. I don’t make cakes very often and when I do it’s hardly ever something I do on a regular old day so it’s an understatement to say that Wyatt was excited.

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