The Week in Bentos: December 7-11, 2009

by Wendy Copley on December 14, 2009


Kindergarten Snack #48: December 7, 2009

Monday’s snack box had some crackers and a half banana in it. Yawn. He didn’t even eat it.


Kindergarten Bento #270: December 8, 2009

Tuesday’s lunch had a winter wonderland theme: Garlic toast cut into tree shapes, Christmas tree tofu and a little snowman pick with some grapes skewered on to it. The idea was that the grapes on the pick would look a little snowman-y, but that didn’t really come across. Isn’t that pick cute though? I got it out of a pack of cupcake decorations (cups and picks) that I picked up at Target. The tofu was decorated to look like a Christmas tree with food-safe markers.

Kindergarten Snack #49: December 8, 2009

Snack was a half baby baguette, dried cranberries and two spritz cookies.

The lid on this box came home broken (drat!) so I’m going to have to get a new one. I’ve found that the lids on these Daiso and Ichiban Kan bento boxes are always what gets broken first.


Kindergarten Bento #271: December 9, 2009

I busted out the big lunch box on Wednesday and packed it with: turkey meatballs, grapes, a rice ball, catsup (for the meatballs), peaches with sprinkles, a catsup sandwich made on garlic naan, and some carrot sticks.


Kindergarten Bento #272: December 10, 2009

Lunch on Thursday featured a clementine, some grapes, baked tofu decorated to look like a gingerbread couple (I used the food markers again) and a half a baby baguette. I think the gingerbread man came out pretty well, but the gingerbread lady…well…she looks a little bedraggled, doesn’t she?

Kindergarten Snack #: December 10, 2009

The snack box had the other half of the baguette, a little jam for the bread in a monkey box, some dried cranberries and a few jellybeans.

Monkey Box - outside

About that monkey box — a few people have sent me emails asking about it. I got it at Daiso, a Japanese dollar store chain with a hand full of locations in the U.S. (they unfortunately only sell wholesale online). The outside is just terribly cute.

Monkey Box - inside

And the inside has space for a small amount of a condiment. It also comes with this little spoon/spreader with a banana handle. I usually use these for catsup, but I sometimes pack butter or jam like I did today.


Kindergarten Snack #51: December 11, 2009

Friday’s snack box had graham crackers, a clementine and a some grapes. I wrote words on all of the crackers with food-safe markers so Wyatt could practice his reading.

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  • Your lunches and snacks are so awesome. We are lucky to have a Daiso in Richmond, BC but I've not been yet. I bet all of Wyatt's classmates are terribly jealous and want to eat his lunch every day. Pretty impressive that he'll eat baked tofu cold! What seasoning do you put on it?

  • wow – i just love your bento posts. so inspiring…except my kid is still under 1…but man when he hits preschool… also, these posts lead to memories of how bad my school lunches were. i had no creativity. haha. love your blog.

  • camala turnage

    Congratulations on being mentioned in Parents Magazine:) I love your blog and wish my two year old would eat so well.

  • super cute. oh my gosh!
    happy holidays to the whole family, wendy!

  • super cute. oh my gosh!
    happy holidays to the whole family, wendy!

  • kathleenfullerphd

    Hooray! I am a past kindergarten teacher, preschool director, children's book writer, and now I have an 18 year clinical private practice specializing in eating disorders. Your site is wonderfully creative and inspiring. I have posted it on my resource page and will share this site with my patients. Please chill & check out my fun & educational site at Your subscribers would enjoy it too.

  • It’s not just a good summary but a really good headline. This is the first thing people will be attracted to.

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