Help a Mother Out Diaper Drive: the Grand Finale!

by Wendy Copley on December 11, 2009

Help a Mother Out diaper drive

Would you look at that?! That, my friends, is the result of the money and diapers that you donated via the diaper drive I held for Help a Mother Out.

In the first two weeks of November, friends, family, and my darling blog readers brought me diapers and donated money via Pay Pal to help this fine organization. Tuesday I met up with Lisa from HAMO and passed along 1701 diapers! That translates to 20 boxes of diapers, 6 packs of pull-ups, and 3 shopping bags of single diapers. Because most of the donations were cash-based, I ended up buying the bulk of the diapers. This allowed me to shop around a bit and get the best per diaper price. It also allowed me to be picky about sizes when I shopped so I could purchase diapers in the bigger sizes  — pull-ups and size 4, 5 and 6 diapers –which are more urgently needed. (And in case all you bargain shoppers out there were wondering: even when I took coupons for other brands of diapers into account, Target’s Up and Up brand diapers were the best deal by far. Good job, Target!)

Help a Mother Out diaper drive

When it was time to deliver the diapers, they completely filled the back of our station wagon and I had to pack some into the back seat with Augie. (He helped me deliver them and even dressed to match the diaper boxes.)

Melissa, the person I randomly selected for the thank you gift chose to forgo her prize and together we decided to use the money I would have spent on it to buy more diapers. Isn’t Melissa sweet?

Many thanks to the following generous donors:

  • Amy K.
  • Beate K.
  • Bethany K.
  • Bryan and Erin B.
  • Catherine B.
  • Celest
  • Celeste K.
  • Dennis M.
  • Elaine E.
  • Gabrielle H.
  • Lia L.
  • Linda K.
  • Melissa S.
  • Robert and Karen T.
  • Sara B.
  • Sue S.
  • Tawana H.
  • Tom C.
  • Whitney M.

I also want to give a special thank you to my brother-in-law, Bryan. Bryan kindly sent out an email to his co-workers and collected diapers from them at his workplace.

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  • Pappy

    You must be pretty proud of yourself. I know your mom and I are!

  • Thanks Dad! I'm more proud of all the people who took a few minutes to donate some money or diapers. Lots of little booties are going to be happy this month!

  • ccb1972

    BRAV-OOOOOOOOOOOO Wendy!!! You rock, Mama!!! What you have done is tremendous! And you DO deserve credit! Because of you, each of us that donated were reminded just how fortunate we are to be in a position to donate to those who need. And I, personally LOVE the up&up Target diapers. They are super cute and very effective. Good choice!

  • Laura

    You ladies are AWESOME!!!

  • Lain

    It's so funny seeing myself listed as “Elaine.” 😉
    Good on you for spearheading this!
    Hey, I had a dream last night I was making a bento box for my daughter — too funny! 🙂

  • Aunt Linda

    What a wonderful success. I am very proud of you for taking this on. What a woman!

  • how did i miss this? i feel terrible, but that is awesome!

  • how did i miss this? i feel terrible, but that is awesome!

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