The Week in Bentos: November 16-20, 2009

by Wendy Copley on November 24, 2009


Kindergarten Snack #40a

I found a new box at the grocery store over the weekend and it debuted on Monday. It’s a snack box designed to hold Goldfish crackers and it’s just the right size for Wyatt’s snack only days.

Kindergarten Snack #40

Wyatt was very excited about it and wanted to pick what went in it. He selected pretzel thins and baked tofu.


Kindergarten Bento #261

I was scraping the bottom of the barrel on Tuesday because I desperately needed to go to the grocery store. Wyatt tried to get all picky about lunch, but I had to lay down the law by telling him, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” I dug and dug in the fridge and ended up packing the last 5 grapes, a half banana, a cheese wedge and some stale crackers. There was nothing else in the house to send in his lunch, so I actually had to cook some pasta while the kids ate breakfast so Wyatt wouldn’t be hungry all day. I tossed it with some butter and garlic and put it in the thermos (not pictured).


Kindergarten Bento #262

I was so excited about this lunch! When we went to the store on Tuesday, Wyatt asked me if I would buy shrimp. People — he has never willingly eaten shrimp before! I don’t know why he wanted it — probably a friend had told him that it was yummy — but I didn’t hesitate to buy it for one second. Not only did Wyatt eat all the shrimp I gave him for dinner, but he had seconds and asked for some in his lunch too! Wooo!

So his lunch had three shrimp, two rice balls, a few grapes, a clementine and a slice of banana bread.

Kindergarten Snack #41

For his snack I sent a half banana, pita crackers and a few more grapes. Do you like the Big-Brother-esque message I wrote on the banana? Wyatt is learning some sight words at school right now, so I’m trying to write messages he can read whenever possible. That eye kind of creeped me out though….


Kindergarten Bento #263

Lunch and snack were combined in the laptop lunchbox on Thursday. I sent a clearly labeled banana, pretzel sticks, peaches with sprinkles, a laughing cow cheese wedge, pita crackers, baked tofu and a clementine.


Kindergarten Snack #42

We pulled the fish box out again for Friday’s snack. this one had a jelly sandwich (cut to fit) and a half a clementine.

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