The Week in Bentos: November 9-13, 2009

by Wendy Copley on November 13, 2009



Monday’s snack had a strawberry cereal bar, a cutie, and a few slices of salami.



Lunch and snack were combined into the laptop lunchbox on Tuesday. Wyatt got another cereal bar, a banana with a message on it that he can read, a cutie, some pasta tossed with olive oil and garlic salt, frozen peas, some salami and a jelly sandwich man.


Wednesday was another day off school — this time for Veteran’s Day.



On Thursday, I sent garlic toast stars, a star shaped rice ball, baked tofu and some peaches sprinkled with sprinkles.


His snack was half a banana, a few slices of salami and some dried cranberries.



Friday’s snack had more peaches with more sprinkles, more salami and a hard boiled egg decorated to look like a man in formal wear.

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  • Wendy, will you PLEASE pack my lunches for me too?

  • Aunt Linda

    Wendy…. the boiled egg is something I haven't seen before. Are the eyes and nose also done with the markers? He's a real cutie. ( of course, I lo-o-ve boiled eggs!) Also, how many hours do they attend in Kindergarten? The snack business is making me think longer than my boys went.

  • Yes, the eyes, nose and bow-tie are drawn on with the food markers. Wyatt is still sort of tentative about eggs so there aren't a ton of them.

    Kindergarten is only 3.5 hours. I think this snack thing is something new they've come up with in the last few years to help the kids stay attentive.

  • ashleigh

    How do you keep the rest of your food dry when you pack things like the peaches above. Everytime I pack something like that all the other food gets wet and soggy. Thanks.

  • I think Wyatt eats more at school lunch than my (soon-to-be!) 8 year old. My 2yo daughter might be able to take him on though. 😉

    I love the little boiled egg dude. It's nice he got to be dressed up before he was no more.

  • He definitely does NOT eat all his lunch every day. It's hard for me to guess which days he'll eat everything and which days the lunch box will come home full, so I err on the side of more food rather than less.

  • Ashleigh

    How do you keep the other food from getting soggy when you have peaches in it? Thank you. Ashleigh

  • I agree with you. I do the same, but it chaps my hide to see his little bentos come home half full still! He is just too busy talking and being the life of the cafeteria table to bother with silly things like eating his meal. 😉

  • gabbe

    awesome lunches! now if only my 5 yr old would try a boiled egg LOL! love yours!

  • gabbe

    awesome lunches! now if only my 5 yr old would try a boiled egg LOL! love yours!

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