Project 365: Week 43

by Wendy Copley on November 12, 2009


October 22, 2009: I love how Augie’s hair sticks straight up in the morning. It’s not as sticky-uppy as it used to be, but we get our occasional moments of grace still.


October 23, 2009: We live about four blocks from the local high school. Most days I’m not particularly thrilled about it because it means I have to pick up litter almost every time I get out of our car. (“Oh look! Another Jamba Juice cup! Yay.”) But once a year it’s fantastic because the Homecoming parade comes right by our house!  My first clue is hearing a marching band off in the distance. As it comes closer, I gather up the kids and the camera and head outside. The band is my favorite part, followed by the floats. The theme of this one seemed to be “slutty Alice in Wonderland”.


October 24, 2009: While we were in San Diego in August, some jerk-face stole Wyatt’s bike and helmet. We took our time looking for a new one so we could get a good deal and a good fit. While I went off to lunch with my friends Allison and Stephen, Zach took the boys to get Wyatt this little beauty. He bought it from a charity that refurbishes donated bikes for $25! Nice.


October 25, 2009: Cold and flu season also mean asthma season in our house. Wyatt had to take daily medication when he was younger, but as he got bigger his asthma grew milder. Now, he really only needs to do his inhaler when a cold is making its way through his class or our house.


October 26, 2009: One of Wyatt’s classmates brought this giant pumpkin that her family grew in their garden to school for Halloween week (with her mom and dad’s help). They estimated that it weighed around 90 pounds, but when the class weighed it, it was 140 pounds!


October 27, 2009: I accompanied Wyatt’s class on a field trip to the farmer’s market. One of the big advantages of under-employment for me has been having the free time to do this kind of stuff. I love it! The kids were so excited to be leaving the school and the pumpkin vendor gave them each a pumpkin to take home.


October 28, 2009: Everyone loves running around nekkid after their bath, don’t they?

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