by Wendy Copley on November 5, 2009

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When Wyatt was a baby, I carried a little notebook everywhere with me where I carefully recorded all of his milestones. First head cold, the day he started crawling, every height and weight measurement from every doctor appointment — they all went in there.

With Augie’s milestones, I’ve moved into the digital age. Now I record all these events by posting notes to my social media sites and tagging them with “#babybook”. I find this to be incredibly convenient. When we’re at the doctor, I can whip out my iPhone and post a message with his stats as the nurse is measuring him. At home, I can just pop over to my laptop and type in a quick status update. Since I don’t have to search out the little notebook, I find myself much more likely to post silly little milestones like his first smoothie and how he said “uh-oh” for two days straight.

My micro-blogging network of choice is identi.ca for a few reasons. First, it pushes all my status updates over to Twitter and Facebook for me so I can easily keep in touch with my various networks. (Yes, i’m sort of addicted to social networks.) Second, identi.ca never deletes your status updates, unlike Twitter who I believe cuts you off after about 1600 messages or so (though I’m not sure about that). I also love that I can click a link and see all of my posts that I’ve tagged with #babybook in addition to seeing all the posts that other people have tagged that way. Finally, my husband works for the company that runs identi.ca so using it helps keep food on our table. Just sayin’….

Anywho — here are some of the gems I’ve recorded that will be going into Augie’s baby book as soon as I get around to starting it (poor neglected second baby…):

#babybook Augie can reliably get his hand in his mouth now. – 19-Nov-08 15:15:49 PST

#babybook Augie just rolled from his back to his tummy! Oh noes — he’s mobile! – 26-Dec-08 08:47:05 PST

I think the baby just purposely bit me with his new tooth! He was mad that I wouldn’t let him play with my hard drive. #babybook – 07-Sep-09 09:11:16 PDT

And from just a couple days ago:

Augie just toddled all the way across the living room! Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a WALKER! #babybook – 03-Nov-09 08:44:55 PST

I’ve seen variations on this idea on several parenting sites, but they usually suggest creating a separate account for your baby so people can decide if they want to follow his milestones. I personally find that logging out of my account and then logging in to my sons’ accounts to post is too much work (yes, both boys have accounts on Twitter and identi.ca. *cringe*). I also don’t feel like I need to give the people who follow me a choice about whether or not they get these updates because if they don’t want to hear about my kids, they’re following the wrong person.

If you’re interested in following me on the social networks, here are links to my various profiles:

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