Project 365: Week 41

by Wendy Copley on October 28, 2009


October 8, 2009: Zach, Augie and I snuck away for lunch at Fatapples while Wyatt was at school. Aren’t we mean? I felt pretty bad about it, but Augie didn’t. He ate his multigrain roll with gusto.


October 9, 2009: I ran a few errands and forgot to feed the meter after wrestling Augie into theĀ  stroller. I remembered 10 minutes after I walked away from the car, but there was already a ticket on it by the time I got back. Drat!


October 10, 2009: You can see Augie’s second tooth here. Otherwise, I don’t have much to say about this picture. I’ve been taking too many Augie-in-high-chair photos for my daily photos, I think.


October 11, 2009: We spent the afternoon at Ardenwood farm’s harvest festival and then played at the pumpkin patch right outside the gate. Wyatt refused to sit still for a pumpkin photo, but I boxed Augie in and got some good pictures of him. Bwa ha ha ha!


October 12, 2009: I let Wyatt watch a movie before school as a treat/bribe for keeping quiet while I put Augie down for his nap.


October 13, 2009: Look at this little climber! He got up onto the purple chair and then crawled over to the end table.


October 14, 2009: Wyatt made his own sandwich for the first time EVER! I’m not sure what inspired him, but he was determined to do it all by himself. I’m all over it.

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