The Week in Bentos: October 12-15, 2009

by Wendy Copley on October 16, 2009


I didn’t take a photo of the snack on Monday because I was running late and it was just pretzels and clementines. I’m sure you can imagine what that looks like after two straight weeks of pretzel and clementine photos…


Kindergartner Bento #247: October 13, 2009

Tuesday I sent a combined lunch and snack in the laptop lunchbox. It had cheese crackers, garlic naan stars, homemade applesauce, clementines, rice balls in a bear and star shape and turkey meatballs that I quartered and threaded onto skewers. The little blue box had ketchup in it.

Wyatt ate all of this except the applesauce which bummed me out because it was so frickin’ good. He just wouldn’t touch it though. Oh well — more for me.


Kindergarten Bento #248

I loved the lunch I sent on Wednesday, if I do say so myself. All the colors in it were so pretty. It had a toasted baby baguette, leftover pork tenderloin, blood orange wedges, a chunk of banana and some raspberries.

The blood oranges are something new we were trying. I thought Wyatt might think they were fun because they’re kind of Halloween-y, what with the “blood” and all. They were a bit too tart for him though.

Kindergarten Snack #26

Snack was a half jelly sandwich and some cheese crackers. Wyatt has been obsessed with jelly sandwiches for the past few days to the point where I’ve started jokingly calling him Frances.


Kindergarten Monster Bento #249: October 15, 2009

Thursday I sent a thermos full of pasta with butter, garlic and parmesan for the main part of Wyatt’s lunch. I made an regular sized bento for his snack and told him he should supplement his lunch from it if he wanted to. He asked for “monster” jelly sandwiches in it, so I cut the bread into the shape of little men and decorated as well as I could with the food markers. The food markers don’t work so well for the detail work on regular sandwich bread, but five-year-olds totally don’t care. While I was thinking to myself that they looked kind of pathetic, Wyatt was pronouncing them to be “awesome.” I also put in some salami on jack-o-lantern picks that I found in the Halloween baking supplies at Target or the party supply store (I can’t remember which) and I drew some jack-o-lantern faces on some clementines with food markers.


No school Friday, so no bento boxes. I’ll probably just throw him a bag of M&M’s and call it good.


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  • Lei

    So fun. I don't know if you remember me but you stopped by my robot birthday post a while back, and well, I never got a chance to respond! So goes life. Anyway, I am all about making food fun for my kids… these ideas are really cool!

  • Karol

    Oh My Great Goodness!! The clementine faces were just over the top. Straight to the “Too Cute For Words” category. You need to WRITE A BOOK!!!!!! You could even call your Bento's something else like Wentos. Because of the aforementioned category (TCFW). Rock on, Wonder Woman. Hey, what are the boys going to be for Halloween??

  • Oh yes, Lei! I loved your robot ideas. Very cool!

  • Why, they're going to be Batman and Robin, of course! Did you suspect anything else?

  • rookiemomwhitney

    Your captions are the best. Aren't sandwiches (besides ketchup) a breakthrough for Wyatt? I expected more celebration!

    I bought a pomegranate and served the seeds on their dinner plates as “vampire teeth”. Julian wouldn't try it. Scarlett ate all hers and then after dinner kept asking for more vampire teeth. I had 100% forgotten about the name I made up and just kept asking her what she wanted with complete exasperation. Whoops.

  • Yes, sandwiches are a break through! I have no idea why he suddenly wants them, but I'm encouraging it enthusiastically, yet subtly.

    Your story about the vampire teeth made me laugh out loud! That's something I would do. Maybe I'll have to try a pomegranate out on Wyatt. If nothing else, I'll get to eat it. Yum!

  • excellent bentos!! and i'm all for a day off with M&M's LOL! hope you guys are having a great week! {{BIG HUGS}}

  • Those jack-o-lanters are just too cute! I found a box I can use for bento-style lunch today at my supermarket (been searching for several weeks for something.) I've been sending healthy foods in zip loc bags since school started, but tomorrow is going to be my first try at Bento packing. (aka SparrowApril)

  • Rachel

    I know you hear it a lot, but your ideas are so inspiring! Also, I'm incredibly impressed / jealous at the variety of foods your child eats! It's incredible, good job, mama!

  • Rachel

    I know you hear it a lot, but your ideas are so inspiring! Also, I'm incredibly impressed / jealous at the variety of foods your child eats! It's incredible, good job, mama!

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