Project 365: Week 39

by Wendy Copley on October 15, 2009


September 24, 2009: Look at this little bear! Doesn’t he look so grown up? I brought his push toy outside for him to practice walking with while we waited for Wyatt to get home from school and he ran it up and down the sidewalk in front of our house.


September 25, 2009: Augie’s new hobby is pulling all the sippy cups and bento boxes out of the lazy susan, chewing on each of them for a few minutes and throwing them on the kitchen floor.


September 26, 2009:  You know, one thing I’ve noticed doing this Project 365 thing is that I take a heck of a lot of photos of tomatoes! I couldn’t stop myself from choosing this as my photo of the day though because this is as close as I can come to taking a photo of my mom without actually having her in the same room with me.

This was one of my mom’s favorite lunches when I was growing up: a home grown tomato, fresh off the vine and still warm from the sun, with a big dollop of cottage cheese on the side. I love eating this for my lunch because it’s so fresh and delicious and it makes me feel a little bit like my mom is sitting next to me at the kitchen table.


September 27, 2009: The boys and I went to the elementary school for the school carnival. Wyatt played a few games, but mostly all he wanted to do was play in the bouncy houses.


September 28, 2009: The city repaved our street about 20 minutes after Wyatt got home from school with our neighbor in tow. The boys were  doing homework when the work started, but as soon as they heard the first truck rumbling down the street they planted themselves in front of the window and didn’t budge until the work was done.


September 29, 2009: Augie and I hit up the farmer’s market. These are the very last nectarines of the season. Sniff! Goodbye my darling stone fruits! I will miss you so! See you next summer!


September 30, 2009: I received the photo business cards I ordered from Moo that I will use to promote this very blog that you’re reading right now.  I started off with a small order of 50 cards  — each with a different bento box on it — to see how I would like them. I had heard that Moo cards are nice, but I was over-joyed with the way they turned out.  The paper is fantastically lustrous and silky.

(I know it sounds like Moo paid me to write this, but I can assure you that my praise is unsolicited and I paid for these cards with my very own moolah.)

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