Project 365: Week 37

by Wendy Copley on October 9, 2009

September 10, 2009: I’m so curious what happened this day. Too bad I don’t have a picture to remind me.

September 11, 2009: See above.


September 12, 2009: My souvenir from Legoland was this awesome Creator set, The Family Home. I’m a total Lego geek and I’ve carefully cultivated a love of Legos in my oldest son. When Augie stops putting small objects in his mouth he will be converted to the Lego religion as well. In the mean time, I will be working on the three different configurations of this house.


September 13, 2009: August has started climbing on things. Oh NO!!!


September 14, 2009: So today was my birthday. Mostly I participated in the usual stuck…er…stay-at-home-mom housework, but after the kids were in bed, our neighbor came over and Zach and I went out to dinner at Fonda, a nearby restaurant that specializes in cocktails and Mexican-style tapas. This was one of the salads we got — grapefruit, beet and avocado. Yum.


September 15, 2009: The Rod Stewart hair was starting to get into Augie’s eyes, so I took him to get his first haircut. He LOOOOOVED it. Oh wait! Actually, he was scared and terrified the whole time despite my constant attempts to distract and comfort him. He looked pretty cute when it was done though.


September 16, 2009: Did you know that Batman’s mom still does his laundry? It’s a fact.

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