Project 365: Week 35

by Wendy Copley on September 12, 2009


August 27, 2009: We were hot and exhausted as dinner time approached and I couldn’t bear the thought of turning on the stove to make something, so Wyatt and I went to the taqueria to get burritos for dinner.


August 28, 2009: Finally, a nice portrait of my big boy. I’ve been trying to get one of these for months now. Every time I pull out the camera, he starts mugging and making faces. How did I get this one, you ask? I totally bribed him, and in the worst sort of way. He was having a time-out in his room and complaining that it was taking “sooooo long”. Since his offense was relatively minor, I told him that he could be done with his time-out if I let him take some nice pictures. He went for it!

Of course, the picture taking took longer than the time-out would have, but don’t tell him that!


August 29, 2009: We’ve been having a string of hot days, so I pulled out the wading pool and filled it up. Notice how our lawn is totally brown and dead? We haven’t been watering it because there’s a water shortage here. Yeah…that’s why.


August 30, 2009: Augie’s birthday party! We had the family over for bbq, presents and vegan cupcakes. This is the requisite smeary cupcake photo.


August 31, 2009: Today was Augie’s actual birthday. We took it easy and didn’t do anything too festive, other that play with his new toys. In this photo he is demonstrating his newest skill — standing unassisted! He’s could be walking any time now folks. Pray for me!


September 1, 2009: Zach stretches after his run, while Augie looks on.


September 2, 2009: Wyatt is supposed to be brushing his teeth here, but you’ll notice that there is neither a toothbrush or toothpaste to be seen in this tableau. As in many homes, toothbrushing time is a total nag-fest around here. “Get out your toothbrush. Wyatt, please get your toothbrush out of the cupboard. GET. YOUR. TOOTHBRUSH. OUT. Now please. Stop making faces in the mirror and brush your teeth.” You get the picture.

The other funny thing about this photo is that Wyatt is wearing his little brother’s pajama shirt. Neither of us noticed until I was reviewing the photos I took on the camera but it’s obviously way too tight. He must have had a really hard time getting it on.

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