The Week in Bentos: August 31 – September 4, 2009

by Wendy Copley on September 6, 2009

OK! We are back to packing lunch bentos the week! Wyatt ended up being assigned to the P.M. kindergarten class which was a bit of a surprise, but better for our schedule over all. After a bit of administrative wrangling last week, we managed to get him into the morning care program before kindergarten three days per week, so I’m going to be sending some lunches and snacks now.


I sent a whole banana for Wyatt’s snack. Sorry, no picture — too boring. The reason I sent a small snack this day was that he wasn’t eating his bigger snack in the boxes. Of course when he came home he said he was starving and that I didn’t send enough. Sigh.


Kindergarten Snack Box #4: September 1, 2009

Tuesday was another snack only day. I sent strawberries, raisins and pretzel thins.


Kindergarten Bento #229: September 2, 2009

Wednesday was Wyatt’s first day in the morning program, so I sent a lunch and a snack. His lunch was packed in the jelly belly bento box. The bottom layer had baked tofu cut into sticks and standing on end, strawberries and a few pretzel thins to fill the gap. The top layer had a brownie bite for a treat and some raspberries.

Kindergarten Snack #5: September 2, 2009

His snack box had: dried cranberries, blueberries, and a half mini-baguette. I just found the baguettes at Trader Joe’s this week and Wyatt loves them. They are so freaking cute, I can hardly stand it. Great for bentos!


Kindergarten Bento #230: September 3, 2009

Lunch was a half mini-baguette, blueberries and sliced deli turkey roll-ups.

Kindergarten Snack #6: September 3, 2009

His snack box had pretzel thins, a half banana and dried cranberries.


Kindergarten Snack Box #7: September 4, 2009

Another snack only day: blueberries, a half banana, deli turkey roll-ups and a couple strawberries to plug the hole at the end of the banana.

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  • kdraney

    I am so glad you'll be doing bento photos. Silly I suppose, but true. I have missed them… There's something so cute and reassuring about them.
    PS. My son (at 8) loves the Laptop Lunch bento approach. He eats weird stuff for a kid though (think hates cheese, loves crab claws and brussels sprouts — I've raised me a Berkeley food snob! even though I live in Oakland).

  • lgalarneau

    i think it's funny tht even tho my kid gets hot lunch, I am jealous that Wendy gets to make bentos! – lisa g

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  • fleagirl

    You are the best mother ever. EVER.
    Kid 1: Has asked for a junior high meal card.
    Kid 2: Today ate shredded wheat, french fries, french fries, and water. Oh. He sucked peanut sauce off a summer roll.

  • Wyatt's appetite has only recently gotten big enough for us to start using our laptop lunch box. I expect I'll be using it a lot more in the coming weeks.

    And I totally sympathize about the weird kid food stuff. My kid hates: chicken, peanut butter, yellow mac and cheese, spaghettios, carrot sticks and ranch dressing. He loves: tofu and all sausages and salamis, but particularly spicy ones. He always comes home hungry when he visits friends because he doesn't like the “kid food” they serve.

  • Make yourself bentos!

  • You need to see how much of what I give him comes home un-touched some weeks, Sydney. Just because I pack it, doesn't mean he eats it.

  • Karol

    So glad to see you back. You don't write, you don't How is your weather? Are you close to any of the fires? My 15 year old daughter has decided it is not cool to take lunch anymore. After I handed over yet another five dollar bill, I informed her she would have to start taking her lunch or do without. And this is after I got a ton of stuff before Ichaban Kan shut down online. Aaaagghh! What is a mother to do? Well, pack her own Bentos, of course!!

  • Hi Karol! Glad to see you back, too. Our weather is great. In the Bay Area, summer weather doesn't really start until September. We even have the wading pool filled up! Thanks for the concern about the fires — lucky for us, we're very far north of them, so we're watching with concern like the rest of the country.

    I like your “pack it yourself” mentality. She might yet come around to the bento cuteness, no?

  • lgalarneau

    i think that all the time, too.

  • lgalarneau

    working at home!

  • Debbie

    my daughter (2.5yo) loves tofu. I would like to try the baked tofu. where do you buy them?

  • I usually get mine at Trader Joes, but I've also found it at the “regular” grocery store (Lucky's). When I see it, it's usually with the other tofu/vegetarian products or sometimes it's in the “health food” section. Good luck!

  • These are wonderful! I wish this was my lunch!

  • You have so inspired me to get in on the bento box craze. Your boxes are gorgeous and beautifully photographed! I am the editor of edible crafts at and posted a link to your blog/shop today (at Thank you for sharing!

  • These are wonderful! I wish this was my lunch!

  • You have so inspired me to get in on the bento box craze. Your boxes are gorgeous and beautifully photographed! I am the editor of edible crafts at and posted a link to your blog/shop today (at Thank you for sharing!

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