The Week in Bentos: August 31 – September 4, 2009

by Wendy Copley on September 6, 2009

OK! We are back to packing lunch bentos the week! Wyatt ended up being assigned to the P.M. kindergarten class which was a bit of a surprise, but better for our schedule over all. After a bit of administrative wrangling last week, we managed to get him into the morning care program before kindergarten three days per week, so I’m going to be sending some lunches and snacks now.


I sent a whole banana for Wyatt’s snack. Sorry, no picture — too boring. The reason I sent a small snack this day was that he wasn’t eating his bigger snack in the boxes. Of course when he came home he said he was starving and that I didn’t send enough. Sigh.


Kindergarten Snack Box #4: September 1, 2009

Tuesday was another snack only day. I sent strawberries, raisins and pretzel thins.


Kindergarten Bento #229: September 2, 2009

Wednesday was Wyatt’s first day in the morning program, so I sent a lunch and a snack. His lunch was packed in the jelly belly bento box. The bottom layer had baked tofu cut into sticks and standing on end, strawberries and a few pretzel thins to fill the gap. The top layer had a brownie bite for a treat and some raspberries.

Kindergarten Snack #5: September 2, 2009

His snack box had: dried cranberries, blueberries, and a half mini-baguette. I just found the baguettes at Trader Joe’s this week and Wyatt loves them. They are so freaking cute, I can hardly stand it. Great for bentos!


Kindergarten Bento #230: September 3, 2009

Lunch was a half mini-baguette, blueberries and sliced deli turkey roll-ups.

Kindergarten Snack #6: September 3, 2009

His snack box had pretzel thins, a half banana and dried cranberries.


Kindergarten Snack Box #7: September 4, 2009

Another snack only day: blueberries, a half banana, deli turkey roll-ups and a couple strawberries to plug the hole at the end of the banana.

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