Project 365: Week 34

by Wendy Copley on September 4, 2009


August 20, 2009: We stopped by Wyatt’s new school to drop off some paperwork and while I was in the office I asked if we could look around a little. The school secretary very politely told me “no way” and ushered me to the front door. Hmph! Wyatt and I decided to see what we could from the outside though and as we were passing by the Kindergarten class rooms one of the teachers happened to be unlocking her door and invited us in to see.  Score! Afterwards we had a little play on the big kid playground (the kindergarten play area is behind a locked fence). And yes, Wyatt is wearing a sweater here. In AUGUST. Sigh.


August 21, 2009: I think it’s safe to say I really enjoy photos of babies eating spaghetti. Especially when they’re my babies!


August 22, 2009: Trying to escape!


August 23, 2009: Stopping by Target for some new kindergarten clothes. All the pants I bought were too big. That’s what I get for buying stuff without having him try it on.


August 24, 2009: And also stopping by Ichiban Kan to see if they have any new bento stuff. Nothing caught my eye on this visit, so I just stocked up on food storage containers. Oh, and Pocky. I love me some Pocky Men’s.


August 25, 2009: The big day! Wyatt’s first day of Kindergarten! I can not believe how big my big boy is! This photo is of him lining up to go into his classroom. He is giving us one final wave good-bye before he heads inside. When I came to pick him up, I asked how his afternoon was and he told me, “Mom, guess what? We went on a TOUR! We went up the steps and then came back down them and we saw the LIBRARY!” Awesome!


August 26, 2009:  Some of our garden “bounty”. We have seven tomato plants people! This is the most tomatoes I’ve harvested so far.

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