The Week in Bentos: August 25-28, 2009

by Wendy Copley on August 28, 2009

I’m finally back!

Whew! After a nice vacation, a stressful pre-kindergarten week and another week to sort of settle into our kindergarten routine, I have a post that’s chock full of bento boxes for you all.

Kindergarten Bento #228: August 20, 2009

Let’s start off with this little cutie, shall we? I made this one last week when we were still “on vacation” and I had all the time in the world. There’s some leftover couscous with chickpeas and Mediterranean spices in the little cup, baked tofu decorated with food markers and a good sized hand full of blueberries. Wyatt loved the tofu businessmen, but he refused to eat the couscous — despite the fact that he gobbled it down at dinner the night before and even had seconds. That kid! So unpredictable.

Bento #29: August 20, 2009

I also made myself a bento that day. I’m trying to get back on Weight Watchers to rid myself of some of the junk that can be found in my trunk and I find that packing a bento box — even when I’m not leaving the house — keeps me on track at lunch time. This box had blueberries, leftover southwestern sloppy joes and the same couscous that Wyatt had with some sauteed zucchini and tomatoes mixed in. I ate the sloppy joes mixture with a few tortilla chips. Very good lunch.

Kindergarten Snack Box #1: August 25, 2009

OK, so Tuesday was the first day of kindergarten! Can I just tell you that I can not believe I have a kindergartner? Yikes, time flies. I have to pack a snack for Wyatt every day, so of course I am doing them bento-style. This snack box had blueberries and raspberries and some whole wheat honey pretzel sticks in it. I also sent a juice box.

As far as I can tell, Wyatt ate about four berries from this. He said he wasn’t hungry.

Kindergarten Snack Box #2: August 26, 2009

Wednesday’s snack was graham crackers, a half banana, one strawberry (used to fill that hole above the crackers) and a box of raisins.

Again, this one came home nearly full. I think he ate the strawberry and maybe 3 crackers.

I forgot to take a picture Thursday. All the uneaten food from the previous two days made me scale back the amount I was sending. This time he got the unopened box of raisins from the day before and some blueberries in a much smaller box. And again, he only ate a few berries.

Kindergarten Snack Box #3: August 28, 2009

Today’s snack was an apple-carrot crusher and a small catsup sandwich (blech! — I will never get used to this idea). He ate about half the sandwich at school, but then he gobbled up the rest of his snack as soon as he got in the car.

I think the problem here is that they eat their snacks immediately before recess, and the sooner they finish with their food, the sooner they can go out to play. Also, I suspect that I’m sending too much and that he really isn’t all that hungry at snack time. I’m going to have to keep experimenting until we figure this out, I think.

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