Scrapbooking Again!

by Wendy Copley on July 12, 2009

For the first time in — I don’t know, FOREVER? — I had some spare time and the desire to scrapbook. I checked and the last time I blogged about scrapbooking on here was around a year and a half ago. Crazy! I bet most of you didn’t even know that I scrapbook.

Just because I haven’t been scrapbooking though doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. The whole reason I’m doing my Project 365 is so I can put together a book chronicling our year come next January. I still subscribe to and read 3 scrapbook magazines. I follow the blogs. And, of course, I’ve amassed a 6 inch stack of patterned paper in the months since I made my last page.

So here’s what I made:

Happy Baby

I of course had to start off with a page about Augie. I think I have only two pages about him and baby photos are so dang fun to scrapbook. The journaling reads:

I suppose it’s theoretically possible that there’s a happier baby than Augie out there, but I certainly haven’t met him!


The next batch of photos that spoke to me were these ones of Wyatt and his backpack. I got to use some of my “boy” paper on this one. The journaling is from this blog post back in February.


I still had some more time, so I started digging through my photo file to find some more pictures to work with. I had intended to do another page about Augie, but I got distracted and started looking at photos in the tabbed section of my files and I found a bunch of pictures of Zach and I together. I think these are almost all of the photos of the two of us together that have ever been taken and they’re nearly all from before we were married. What’s up with that? We’re going to need to fix that situation, stat! The journaling on this one is kind of schmaltzy, but these pictures made me feel romantical so I suppose that’s to be expected. It reads:

Me and you.
You and me.
Zach and Wendy.
Wendy and Zach.
The Copleys.
The Cybersteins.
12 years together.
7 years married.
Many more years to come.
5 homes.
2 kids.
9 jobs between us.
Long hair, short hair, no hair.
Gardening projects.
Long trips.
Short trips.
No trips.
Building a home together.
Building a life.
I’m so glad we chose each other.

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