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by Wendy Copley on June 15, 2009

I’ve been on a huge sewing kick lately! I’ve managed to churn out a bunch of different projects in the past few weeks and I thought I’d share them here.

My new internet addiction is sewing tutorials — I just can’t get enough of them.  I’ve been haunting the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, The Long Thread and finding lots and lots of other great blogs and sewing sites. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — isn’t the internet fabulous? Seriously, what did we do before the internet? I don’t think I’d know half the stuff I know today. Anywhooooo…on to the projects!

Spring Ruffle Top

My first project and the one that kicked off all these sewing shenanigans is Made by Rae’s Spring Ruffle Top. If you click through to the link you’ll see Rae’s svelte sister modeling the cutest dang top you’ve ever seen. My effort, however, did not produce the cutest dang top of all time. I did make a lovely tent though.

From the front, not so bad:

Spring Ruffle Top

From the side — dear God! Look at all that fabric!

Spring Ruffle Top

(Yeah — the pose is goofy, but I wanted to show how completely unflattering this top is from the side.)

Now, I’m a hefty gal and I knew I wouldn’t look like the girl in the picture — but come on! This top adds a good 20-30 pounds to my frame. And the crazy part is that I took it in THREE separate times before I got sick of it and decided to call it done. What the heck could I have done so wrong? The tutorial has you take all your measurements and then sew it to fit your specific numbers. All I can think is that I am horribly inept at measuring. Either that or the tutorial doesn’t convert well into plus sizes. I think either scenario could be correct, given what happened with the next project….

Wedding Skirt

I searched high and low for a skirt to wear to our friends’ wedding, but couldn’t find anything in the stores. In a last desperate move, I made Angry Chicken’s 5 Minute Skirt the morning of the wedding.

5 minute skirt

This skirt took me longer than 5 minutes, but it was very easy. For this one, you only need your waist measurement. Simple, huh? How could you mess that up? I measured, drew the pattern, cut the pieces and sewed up the side seams really quickly. After the sides were sewn I thought it looked a little roomy, so I decided to try it on to see what the fit was like. I pulled it up to my waist and when I let go — I kid you not — it fell right back down to the floor. I can safely say that no one will ever describe me as “slim-hipped” so that means the waist was huge. This time I couldn’t believe that I’d screwed up so badly, so I re-measured my waist and then measured the waist of the skirt and the numbers matched up. Does anyone know what happened here? Is it because it was a bias cut skirt? It doesn’t seem mathematically possible that this could have happened.

I ended up taking the skirt in 8 inches(!) before it was finally passable. Frankly, I think I still could have taken it in a bit more, but we were going to be late for the wedding if I futzed with it any more, so I quickly added the elastic and hemmed it and we ran out the door. That being said, I will definitely be making this skirt again to try to get the fit right. Once I have a pattern that works, I think it really will take less than half an hour to throw one together.


My next project was wholly successful! Hooray! I made these clever little headbands from Blue Bird Studio. These guys really did come together in just a few minutes and I used remnants from some other projects so I felt super frugal.

Bluebird Studio 10 Minute Headband

These are basically just a strip of fabric folded over a few times with the ends sewn around a rubberband for a little stretch.

Bluebird Studio 10 Minute Headband

Cute and easy! Here I am modeling one.

Bluebird Studio 10 Minute Headband

Next time I take a picture of myself, I’ll brush my hair, OK?

Baby Pants

I also made a couple more pairs of the Rookie Moms T-shirt Pants for Augie with some shirts I got at the thrift store.

A crazy t-shirt with a big snake on it produced these rock star pants:

T-shirt pants -- Rock Star edition

And a plaid button-down shirt made these golf pants:

T-shirt pants -- Golfer Edition

Baby T-shirts

And finally, I wanted to show these onesies I made to go with the rock star pants. These aren’t technically a sewing project because I made them with iron-ons I found at Joann Fabric, but I thought they were cute.

Rock star onsies

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