Project 365: Week 22

by Wendy Copley on June 4, 2009


May 28, 2009:  Thursday, I made Wyatt a dinner bento box to take with him to child watch at the gym, but Augie was having a hard night and I decided to stay home with the kids at the last minute. It was kind of interesting to watch Wyatt eat his bento because I think I’ve only ever seen him do that once before.


May 29, 2009: Friday afternoon I set up a little photo shoot with Augie. These are a lot harder to do now that he’s mobile, because he keeps crawling away from the backdrop. I did get some cute ones though.


May 30, 2009: I spent a great day with my friend, Allison on Saturday. She moved down to the South Bay about a year or so ago and I hardly ever get to see her now, so it was super fantastic to get to spend some time with her. We went shopping for hours and hours and then hit T-Rex BBQ for dinner in the evening.


May 31, 2009: Wyatt was invited to a birthday party and the big treat was a visit from Darth Vadar! Augie and I got our picture taken with him, but even though Wyatt knew it was just a guy in a suit, he decided he needed to keep a good distance away from him.


June 1, 2009: I handed the camera to Wyatt and he took this shot. This is an “M” for “Mama” that he drew on my Etch-A-Sketch. Awwwww….


June 2, 2009: I love looking at my kids sleep. All the day’s sins are forgiven.


June 3, 2009: Augie is officially a “stander” now and I might even go so far as to say he’s a “cruiser”.

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