Project 365: Week 17

by Wendy Copley on April 30, 2009


April 23, 2009: Wyatt’s clothes set out on the table for him to put on. I usually pick his clothes in the morning for expediency, but I try to give him a few choices. Do you want jeans or sweats? Pirate shirt or green stripes? That kind of thing. Once I pull his clothes out I usually need to ask, cajole, and threaten to “count” for about a half hour before all the relevant articles of clothing are on all the right body parts.


April 24, 2009: Augie had broccoli, blueberry applesauce and parsnips for dinner. He decided he wanted to hold the spoon for part of the meal which is why his face looks like this. The smile is because he’s the happiest baby on the block.


April 25, 2009: Augie and Daddy playing together on the bed. They are the two late sleepers in our family, so they usually play together a bit in the mornings before they get up to join us.


April 26, 2009: I subscribed to the Six ‘o Clock Scramble newsletter a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it to streamline menu planning and grocery shopping for the week. When I’m working on a recipe, I stick the print-out to the stove hood with a magnet so it’s easy to see and it’s out of my way. (If you’re interested in subscribing to The Scramble newsletter, let me know — I’ve got a discount code for $3 off.)


April 27, 2009: Wyatt was home sick from school with a fever, cough and sore throat, so the kitchen was pretty scary. Zach kindly took a break from work to do some dishes and help me restore some sanity.


April 28, 2009: You’d never know it from this picture, but Wyatt has been sick (and home from preschool) with a fever, sore throat and a cough all week. He is incapable of refraining from mugging for the camera when he sees it now, though so that’s why my sick little guy looks like he’s partying down.


April 29, 2009: We went to Target to get a new phone, some soap and bigger pj’s for Augie who is growing like a weed. I let Wyatt check out the toy section for an hour to kill some time on the condition that he couldn’t ask me to buy anything. My rule was that if he asked, we were leaving immediately. It worked pretty well. He got some low key entertainment after being stuck in the house for a week and because Target was almost completely empty, it wasn’t stressful for either of us. Augie (who is also sick now) got a nap and I stood around reading magazines. I like this picture a lot because I think that it’s going to be incredibly cool to look at all these toys twenty years from now.

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