Project 365: Week 15

by Wendy Copley on April 20, 2009


April 9, 2009: I left the car unlocked over night and someone stole all our parking meter change out of the ashtray. Strangely, the robber left our GPS untouched on the passenger seat. Thanks, Mr. Thief!


April 10, 2009:Wyatt and Daddy looking all handsome by the kitchen window.


April 11, 2009: We dyed eggs on Saturday.


April 12, 2009: My little bunnies. We had a nice Easter. Baskets first thing in the morning, then pancakes shaped like bunnies and bacon for breakfast. Lots of playing with light sabers. An egg hunt. Funny story about that, actually. The Easter Bunny totally forgot to hide eggs on Easter Eve and, in fact, she didn’t even check to see if there were any plastic eggs in the storage room. When she snuck out to fill the plastic eggs, there weren’t any so she had to run over to Longs to pick some up. It turns out that when you buy plastic eggs on Easter morning, they’re half off. At least she saved some money…


April 13, 2009: Wyatt’s preschool’s spring break was this week, so we did a lot of fun stuff. Monday, we went to Gioia Pizza for lunch, walked around a nursery looking at plants and flowers and then headed up to Codornices park to play. Augie sat in the swings for the first time and Wyatt did the honors of giving him a few gentle pushes.


April 14, 2009: I had big plans for fun activities this day, but one thing after another delayed us and we didn’t get all ready to leave the house until around 3 pm — much to late to do anything big. I toodled the boys over to Barnes and Nobel at the Plaza and we got cookies and drinks at the cafe and read books and magazines in the children’s area.


April 15, 2009: Wednesday we did managae a big outing. We headed over to Marin County to visit the Bay Area Discovery Museum. This place is fantastic with a boat to climb on, a huge construction pit, a boat with buried treasure (above), and fake tide pools, all at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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